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Benedict, Ralph

~ measures visuospatial memory using 6 equivalent, alternate test forms each consisting of 6 geometric figures. The BVMT-R is designed to be used as a criterion measure of visuo-spatial memory within a large battery of neuropsychological tests, or as a screening measure within a brief neuropsychological battery, or as a repeat measure to document changes in neurocognitive skills over time.
Kit includes: manual, HVLT-R/BVMT-R manual supplement, 2 stimulus books, 25 response forms
Software includes: HVLT-R/BVMT-R manual supplement, on screen software manual, quick start guide, unlimited use scoring and reporting
RANGE: 18-79 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 45 minutes LEVEL: C

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Introductory Kit 15824 $ 619.95
Manual 15825 $ 109.95
Recognition Stimulus Booklet 15826 $ 289.95
Recall Stimulus Booklet - reusable 15827 $ 84.95
Response forms pkg/25 15830 $ 129.95
HVLT-R/BVMT-R Professional Manual Supplement 23090 $ 59.95
HVLT-R/BVMT-R Software CD-ROM 23177 $ 659.95

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Breiding, Susan

~ includes reproducable masters and provides real-life activities clients can relate to and transfer to their daily speech. Target skill areas are: yes/no usage, categories, word association, functions, contrasting pairs, describing, sentence completion, "Wh" questions, sentence questions, and sequencing events.

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Text 19947 $ 124.95

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Ponsford, Jennie PhD

~ (2004) deals with integrating of Neurobiology and Research findings with Clinical Practice. Addresses a wide range of cognitive and behavioral impairments.

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Text: 366 pages, Hardcover 21918 $ 109.95

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Trachan, Donald and Glen J. Larrabee

~ (1988) consists of complex non-verbal stimuli presented at 2 second intervals. Scales include: Acquisition Task, Delayed Recognition Task and Visual Discrimination Task.
Kit includes: manual, supplement, stimulus cards and 50 scoring forms
RANGE: 7+ years
TIME: 45-50 minutes (includes 30 min delay) LEVEL: C

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Kit 4213 $ 339.95
Manual 5697 $ 69.95
Scoring forms pkg/50 5698 $ 89.95
Stimulus cards 5699 $ 149.95
Manual Supplement 22917 $ 47.95

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Elbaum, Jean, Peggy Kramer, Deborah Benson & Carrie Dul

~ is an interdisciplinary approach to building functional memory skills emphasizing the use of internal and external strategies to improve recall. Activities address sustained, selective, alternating, and divided attention and involve a planning component.

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Manual 21472 $ 124.95

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Baddeley, Alan

~ (2002) offers a review of research and development on the assessment and treatment of memory disordered patients.

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Text: 880 pages, Hardcover 16128 $ 279.95

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Schmidt, James P. & Tom Tombaugh,

~ assesses sensitivity and specificity of a range of memory problems. Norms are available for ages 20-80. Subtests include: paragraphs, word lists, simple figures, complex figures, word learning, supraspan learning.
Kit includes: manual, administration tents, 25 record forms, 25 profiles, score conversion booklet, and 100 figure drawing forms.
RANGE: 20-80 years
TIME: 60 minutes LEVEL: C

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Complete Kit 11226 $ 839.95
Manual 11227 $ 184.95
Recording Forms pkg/25 11228 $ 199.95
Profile/Summary Sheets pkg/25 11229 $ 39.95
Standard Score Conversion Booklet 11230 $ 38.95
Figure Drawing Forms Pad/100 11231 $ 35.95
Administration Tents (set of 2) 11232 $ 559.95
Score for Windows CD Preview (3 uses) 18302 $ 79.95
Score for Windows CD (unlimited use) 18303 $ 829.95

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Williams, J. Michael

~ (1991) assesses short-term, verbal, and visual (nonverbal) memory functioning using both recall and recognition formats. Subtests are: verbal span, list learning, prose memory, visual span, visual recognition, visual reproduction, and names faces.
Kit includes: manual, stimulus card, 25 record forms, and case
RANGE: 18-90 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 40-45 minutes LEVEL: C

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Kit in case 8246 $ 559.95
Manual 8247 $ 114.95
Stimulus card set (easel form) 8248 $ 269.95
Record forms pkg/25 8311 $ 129.95
Kit without case 9966 $ 479.95

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Warrington, Elizabeth

~ detects minor visual and verbal memory deficits allowing a distinction between right and left hemisphere deficits. The RMT does not tap, and is therefore not diluted by cognitive skills. Two subtests are: Recognition Memory for Words, and Recognition Memory for Faces
Kit includes: manual, 1 booklet and word card, and 25 record forms
RANGE: 18-70 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual 15. minutes

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Kit 4188 $ 339.95
Manual 11917 $ 74.95
Record forms pad/100 11918 $ 59.95

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Reynolds, Cecil R. and Erin D. Bigler

~ (1994) measures general and specific memory functions. Composite memory scores are generated for verbal memory, nonverbal memory, delayed recall, and a composite memory index. Supplementary indices are also provided. Used to evaluate children/youth referred with learning disabilities, brain injury, neurological problems, severe emotional problems, and attention-deficit disorders.
Kit includes: manual, picture book, 25 record and administration booklets, 25 supplementary forms, facial memory picture book, chips, test board, and delayed recall cue cards
RANGE: 5-19 years
TIME: 45 minutes LEVEL: B

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Complete kit 10969 $ 509.95
Manual 10970 $ 94.95
Picture book 10971 $ 139.95
Booklets and Record forms pkg/25 10972 $ 104.95
Supplementary analysis forms pkg/25 10973 $ 47.95
Facial memory picture book 10974 $ 74.95
Facial memory chips pkg/15 10975 $ 14.95
Visual selective reminding test board 10976 $ 16.95
Delayed recall cue card set 10977 $ 36.95

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Dohrmann, Vicki

~ helps adolescents and adults with memory impairments increase their independence by means of internal and external memory enhancing strategies. Reproducible pages include: memory book pages, training worksheets, environmental cue stickers, and informative handouts for clients, family, teachers, and employers.

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Text 19928 $ 104.95

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Adams, Wayne, and David Sheslow

~ (2003) evaluates a child or adult's ability to actively learn and memorize a variety of information. Well-constructed, age-grouped norms are available for examinees from 5-90 years of age.
WRAML is comprised of 6 core subtests and several optional subtests. The 6 core tests may be interpreted as a composite of all 6 tests (Called the General Memory Index (GMI), or as one of the smaller memory indices (1) Verbal MI, (2) Visual MI (3) Attention/Concentration MI, (4) Working MI, (5) Verbal Recognition, (6), Visual Recognition. The first three of these subtests are supported by factor analytic study.
The General MI is made up of the following subtests: number/letter, finger windows, story memory, verbal learning, picture memory, and design memory. Supplementary indexes are: verbal working memory subtest (>9 years), symbolic working memory subtest (>9 years), recall measure, recognition measure, story memory delayed recall, verbal learning delayed recall, story memory recognition, picture memory recognition, verbal learning recognition, and design memory recognition.
Verbal MI subtests include: Story Memory & Verbal Learning. Visual MI subtests include Design Memory. Attention/concentration MI includes Finger Windows and Number-Letter. Optional subtests may also be used to provide more information in any of these three areas.
In addition to the above a Working MI can be assessed using a composite of Verbal Working Memory and Symbolic Working Memory. Verbal Recognition can be assessed using a composite of Story Memory and Verbal Learning Recognition. Visual Recognition can be assessed using a composite of Design Memory and Picture Memory.
NOTE: All of the recognition subtests are among the non-core optional subtests.
Kit includes: manual, stimulus materials, and 25 of each form
RANGE: 5-90 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 45 -60 minutes LEVEL: C

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WRAML-2 Manual 8172 $ 184.95
WRAML-2 Examiner booklets pkg/25 9447 $ 134.95
WRAML2 Picture recognition forms pkg/25 13694 $ 99.95
WRAML2 Picture memory response frms /25 13701 $ 99.95
WRAML-2 Design recognition forms pkg/25 13702 $ 74.95
WRAML-2 Design memory forms pkg/25 13703 $ 74.95
Scoring Software (Unlimited Use) 22437 $ 649.95
WRAML-2 Kit with case 23051 $ 989.95
Picture Memory Cards set/4 23221 $ 59.95
Design Cards 23222 $ 74.95
Finger Window Card 23223 $ 74.95
Sound Symbol Booklet 23224 $ 124.95
Working Memory Cards set/2 23225 $ 94.95

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