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Neuropsychology Rehabilitation & Training Materials


Malie, Kit, et al

~ is a cognitive rehabilitation program divided into five hierarchically graded modules: Attention, Visual Processing, Memory, Information Processing, and Executive Functions. Each module contains 4 weeks of exercises which the client is expected to work 1-2 hours per day, 5 days per week. The complete program contains 223 different exercises aimed at optimizing the development of functional skills via education, therapist instructions, and client exercises. Each module contains a tehrapist and client workbook.
Set includes: one of each module

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Set 14398 $ 489.95
User's guide and Intro. to Brain Injury 14574 $ 74.95
Attention Module 14575 $ 64.95
Visual Processing Module 14578 $ 114.95
Info. Processing Module 14581 $ 154.95
Memory Module 14587 $ 64.95
Executive Functions Module 14590 $ 64.95

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O'Hara, C., Harrell, M., Bellingrath, E., & Lisicia, K.

~ is a series of 5 checklists which are used to find the areas where individuals with impaired cognitive functioning may be having difficulties in daily activities. Areas assessed are: attention/concentration, language, memory, executive functions, and visual processes. The client marks each problem he/she experiences and circles those that seem most important in treatment.
Kit includes: guide, and 25 of each of the checklists
RANGE: 16+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 10-20 minutes per checklist LEVEL: B

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Kit 11193 $ 339.95
Clinician's guide 11194 $ 64.95
Attention/concentration checklist pkg/ 11195 $ 64.95
Executive functions checklist pkg/25 11196 $ 64.95
Language checklist pkg/25 11197 $ 64.95
Memory checklist pkg/25 11198 $ 64.95
Visual processes checklist pkg/25 11199 $ 64.95

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Anderson, Kathleen and Pamela Crowe Miller

~ (1991) This program helps the individual learn and retrieve such skills as writing notes, telling time, reading street maps and finding phone numbers. There are five parts to this program: Memory, Reading and Writing, Visual Perception and Attention, Thought Organization and Self-Perception / Organizing Functional Information.
RANGE: adolescents and adults

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Complete program 3676 $ 104.95
Memory workbook pkg/5 3677 $ 104.95
Reading and writing workbook pkg/5 3678 $ 104.95
Visual perception & attention workbook/5 3679 $ 104.95
Thought organization workbook pkg/5 3680 $ 104.95
Self-perception/functional info workbk/5 3681 $ 104.95

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