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Neuropsychology Tests


Roth, R Isquith, P & Gioai, G

~ (2005) is a standardized 75-item checklist, which measures an adult's executive functions or self-regulation in his/her everyday environment. Two forms are available (self-report form and an observer rating form). When both forms are used, the publisher indicates that the observer rating form provides a more comprehensive clinical picture of the examinee's executive functioning.
Complete Kit includes: Manual and 25 of each form
Combination Kit includes: CD-ROM and Complete Kit
RANGE: 18-90 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or group
TIME: 10-15 to administer 15-20 minutes to score.
See also the separte preschool, schoolage, and high school editions of BRIEF listed seprately in this catalog. LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit 22418 $ 389.95
Manual 22419 $ 109.95
Self-Report Forms pkg/25 22420 $ 89.95
Informant Report Forms pkg/25 22421 $ 89.95
Self-Report Scoring Summary/Profile For 22422 $ 64.95
Informant Report Scoring Summary/Profile 22423 $ 64.95
Scoring/Reporting Software (unlimited use) 23086 $ 909.95
Combination Kit 23087 $ 1201.20

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Gioia, Gerard, Peter Isquith, Steven Guy, Lauren Kenwor

~ (1996) assesses impairment of executive function in home and school environments. There are now 4 BRIEF tests available. Three are listed under this title. BRIEF preschool is suitable for young children (2-5 years of age). The original BRIEF offers parent and teacher rating forms, and is used with school-aged students (5-10 years old). BRIEF-SR (self-report) is for adolescents 11-18 years of age. An adult form (listed separately) is avilable to assess persons older than 18 years of age.
Assessment of executive function (EF) can be a useful component of many types of psychological assessment. Information on EF is helpful in diagnosing or reporting on the severity of some Learning Disabilites, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Tourette's Disorder, and Pervasive Developmental Disorders/Autism.
The BRIEF-SP (Software Portfolio, 2002) provides unlimited scoring and report generation for all three of the tests listed under this title.
BRIEF Kit includes: manual, 25 parent forms, 50 parent summary/profiles, 25 teacher forms, 50 teacher summary/profiles
BRIEF-SP Intro Kit includes: unlimited scoring & reporting with on-screen software manual
BRIEF-P Kit includes: BRIEF-P manual, 25 rating forms & 25 scoring profiles
BRIEF-SR Kit includes: BRIEF-SR manual, 25 rating forms & 50 scoring profiles
TIME: 10-15 minutes
RANGE: 2-18 years
Click for Sample report LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
BRIEF Kit 19056 $ 409.95
BRIEF Manual 19057 $ 119.95
BRIEF Parent form questionnaires pkg/25 19058 $ 99.95
BRIEF Teacher form questionnaires pkg/25 19059 $ 99.95
BRIEF Parent summary/profiles pkg/50 19060 $ 69.95
BRIEF Teacher summary/profiles pkg/50 19061 $ 69.95
BRIEF-SP Software Intro kit 19444 $ 1046.50
BRIEF-SR Kit 22219 $ 289.95
BRIEF-SR Manual 22220 $ 119.95
BRIEF-SR Rating forms pkg/25 22221 $ 119.95
BRIEF-SR Summary/profiles pkg/50 22222 $ 69.95
BRIEF-P Kit 22223 $ 269.95
BRIEF-P Manual 22224 $ 119.95
BRIEF-P Rating forms pkg/25 22225 $ 104.95
BRIEF-P Summary/profiles pkg/25 22226 $ 74.95
BRIEF/BRIEF-SR Combination Kit 22904 $ 669.95
BRIEF/BRIEF-P Combination Kit 22905 $ 609.95
BRIEF-P SP Scoring/Reporting Software 23088 $ 369.95
BRIEF-P/BRIEF-P SP Combination Kit 23089 $ 579.95

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Wilson, B., Alderman, Burgess, Emslie, & Evans

~ was developed in Britain. The battery consists of 6 tests: temporal judgment, rule shift cards, action program, key search, and zoo map. BADS also includes a 20 item Dysexecutive questionnaire which samples the range of problems most commonly associated with Dysexecutive Syndrome in four areas of likely change: emotional or personality changes, motivational changes, behavioral changes and cognitive changes. The questionnaire is available in two forms, one completed by the client, the other by a relative or caretaker
KIT: stimulus cards, manual, 5 stimulus books, various 3-Dimensional plastic materials, timer with battery, and 25 scoring sheets.
RANGE: 16-65 years
TIME: 40 minutes

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 15843 $ 1245.92
Manual 15844 $ 31.95
Scoring Sheets (25) 15845 $ 164.95
Self Rater Sheets Pkg/25 15846 $ 54.95
Independent Rater Sheets pkg/25 21962 $ 54.95

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Brannigan, Gary & Scott Decker

~ (2003) is a re-publication of a very widely used technique developed by L. Bender. Visual perception, motor coordination, memory, temporal and spatial concepts, organization and/or representation may be assessed. The examinee is asked to reproduce a simple design and his/her variations from the original is interpreted according to the gestalt laws of perception and organization.
Kit includes: cards, manual, 25 of each booklet
RANGE: 3-85+ years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit 21876 $ 349.95
Test Records pkg/25 21877 $ 36.95
Motor Test Booklets pkg/25 21878 $ 36.95
Perception Test Booklets pkg/25 21879 $ 36.95
Stimulus Cards 22601 $ 124.95
Manual 22602 $ 189.95

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Benton, Arthur

~ have demonstrated validity and provide additional substantive data in the evaluation of brain-damaged patients. Each test minimizes patient fatigue and maximizes the collection of reliable neuropsychological test data. Normative and validity data are described in the manual, Contributions to Neuropsychological assessment, purchased separately.
Kit contains the Clinical Manual and the eight tests.
RANGE: adults
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 5-15 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Facial Recognition test kit 10222 $ 209.95
Facial recognition record forms/100 10223 $ 89.95
Judgment of Line Orientation test 10224 $ 239.95
Judgment of Line Orientation pkg/100 10225 $ 74.95
Visual Form Discrimination test 10226 $ 189.95
Visual Form Discrimination pkg/100 10227 $ 89.95
Clinical Manual - 2nd Edition 10848 $ 109.95
Temporal Orientation Test 13094 $ 89.95
Right-Left Orientation Test 13097 $ 134.95
Serial Digit Learning Test 13098 $ 89.95
Pantomime Recognition Test 13100 $ 439.95
Pantomime Recognition Forms pkg/100 13101 $ 89.95
Motor Impersistence Kit 13107 $ 94.95
Right-Left Form Forms pkg/100 22902 $ 74.95
Tactile Form Perception Forms pkg/100 22903 $ 79.95
Facial Recognition Book of Photographs 23176 $ 119.95

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Bloomer, Harlan and Weaverdyck, Shelly

~ evaluates neurologically-based acquired language problems by indentifying both retained abilities and functional deficiencies. Most of the tasks require the patient to manipulate nine different blocks, thereby reflecting the nature and extent of his or her impairment. Areas assessed include: memory, perception, discrimination, attention, conceptualization, neuromuscular execution, learning, motivation, language, and cognition.
Kit includes: 10 booklets, manual and all stimulus materials
RANGE: Adults
TIME: 30-60 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 19495 $ 599.95
Record Booklets pkg/10 19496 $ 79.95
Manual 19497 $ 39.95
Task Cards (Set of 16) 19498 $ 49.95

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DeFilippis, Nick A. and E. McCampbell

~ (1998) provides demographically corrected normative data to improve diagnostic accuracy and interpretation using a booklet version of Halstead's Category Test for adults. Copies of the original stimuli which were traditionally presented to the subject as slide projections are incorporated into a ring binder that is more portable and easier to administer.
Kit includes: 2-volume set of stimulus plates, manual, & 25 scoring forms.
RANGE: 15+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 30-60 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 157 $ 899.95
Response forms pkg/50 158 $ 164.95
Manual 159 $ 84.95
Volume 1 Stimulus Easel 17909 $ 359.95
Volume 2 Stimulus Easel 17910 $ 359.95

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Stern, Robert A et al

~ is a comprehensive scoring system that provides a highly reliable and quantifiable approach to rate the qualitative features of Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF) productions. This approach is based on: ROCF elements - Configural Elements, Clusters, and Details.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, 50 response sheets, stimulus card, reference guide, scoring templates and a metric ruler
RANGE: 18-94 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 45 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Introductory kit 18967 $ 389.95
Manual 18968 $ 139.95
Scoring booklets pkg/50 18969 $ 144.95
Stimulus card 18970 $ 25.95
Response sheets pkg/50 18971 $ 59.95
Scoring templates 18972 $ 29.95
Reference guide 18973 $ 20.95
Metric ruler 18974 $ 9.15

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Tonkonogy, Joseph,

~ (1997) assesses memory, gnosis, praxis, language, orientation, attention, and concept formation. The BNCE also measures frequently used information as well as incomplete information.
Kit includes: stimulus booklet, manual, 20 booklets, and 20 forms
RANGE: 18+ years
TIME: 30 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 14417 $ 259.95
Stimulus booklet 14418 $ 74.95
Response booklet pkg./20 14419 $ 79.95
Administration and scoring form pkg./20 14420 $ 54.95
Manual 14421 $ 94.95

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Canter, Arthur

~ assesses performance characteristics of individuals with brain pathology. This test compares results from the standard Bender Gestalt Test to those from a second administration of the Bender Gestalt in which the subject reproduces the designs on a special sheet with intersecting sinusoidal lines.
Kit includes: manual & 25 forms
RANGE: 15+ years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit (manual & 25 record forms) 18332 $ 154.95
Record forms pkg/25 18333 $ 79.95
Manual 18334 $ 79.95

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Talley, Jack

~ measures auditory verbal learning and memory abilities - processes commonly disrupted in learning disabilities and brain trauma. The CAVLT is used as part of a comprehensive educational or neuropsychological assessment battery. Yields measures of: immediate memory span, level of learning, immediate recall, delayed recall, recognition accuracy, and total intrusions.
Kit includes: manual and 25 booklets
RANGE: 6.6 - 17 years
TIME: 25 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 8168 $ 209.95
Manual 8169 $ 109.95
Test booklets pkg/25 8170 $ 114.95

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Llorente, Antolin, PhD, Jane Williams, Paul Satz & L. D

~ (2003) assesses sustained attention, sequencing, and other executive functions while reducing reliance on language and diminishing the effects of cultural bias and parental verbal report. Forms X, Y, and Z are used for research purposes only.
Kit includes: manual, 50 record forms & 50 form K parts 1 & 2
RANGE: 8-16 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 5-7 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21552 $ 329.95
Manual 21553 $ 114.95
Record forms pkg/50 21554 $ 84.95
Parts 1 & 2, form K (50 each) 21555 $ 149.95
Parts 1 & 2, form X (50 each) 21556 $ 149.95
Parts 1 & 2, form Y (50 each) 21557 $ 149.95
Parts 1 & 2, form Z (50 each) 21558 $ 149.95

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Tuokko, Hadjistavropoulos, et al

~ This test helps differentiate between normal elderly and those suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment. Areas evaluated are: visuo-spatial construction, visual perception, and abstract conceptualization. The three tests are drawing, setting, and reading. Each component can be completed in about 5-10 minutes. Errors are broken down into omissions, perseverations, rotations, misplacements, distortions, substitutions, and additions.
Kit includes: manual, administration tent, 25 forms, and 25 profiles
RANGE: 65+ years
TIME: 5-10 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit 11233 $ 449.95
Manual 11234 $ 139.95
Test Forms pkg/25 11235 $ 209.95
Profiles pkg/25 11236 $ 36.95
Administration Tent 20001 $ 169.95

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Friedman, Michael Ivan

~ provides clinicians with a systematic interview procedure based upon neurobehavioral symptoms specific to closed head injuries. A memory task is also included.
RANGE: brain injured patients

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Specimen set 13476 $ 69.95
Permission to reproduce up to 150 copies 13477 $ 279.95

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Williams, J. Michael

~ is a structured psychometric approach in which significant others rate the presence and severity of a patient's cognitive impairment. Nine scales are used: Language Deficit, Agitation, Need for Routine, Depression, Higher Cognitive Deficits, Memory Disorder, Dementia, Apraxia, and Disorientation.
Kit includes: manual, 50 item booklets, & 50 rating booklets
RANGE: 30-89 years
ADMINSTRATION: Individual, 15-20 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 4196 $ 249.95
Reusable test booklets pkg/25 4198 $ 64.95
Rating booklets pkg/50 4199 $ 94.95
Manual 10433 $ 41.95

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D'Elia, Louis et al

~ (1996) measures sustained visual attention, visual scanning, and sequencing. In Part 1, the respondent uses a pencil to connect circles numbered 1-25 in sequence. In Part 2, the respondent connects numbered circles in sequence, but alternates between pink and yellow colors. The examiner times each trial and records qualitative features of performance indicative of brain dysfunction, such as near-misses, prompts, number sequence errors, and color sequence errors.
Kit includes: manual, 25 record forms & 25 Parts 1 and 2 test sheets
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 3-8 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Manual 13175 $ 109.95
Introductory Kit 13176 $ 219.95
Multilevel record forms pkg/50 13224 $ 69.95
CTT Form A 25 Part 1 & 25 Part 2 13225 $ 94.95
CTT Form B 25 Part 1 & 25 Part 2 13226 $ 94.95
CTT Form C 25 Part 1 & 25 Part 2 13227 $ 94.95
CTT Form D 25 Part 1 & 25 Part 2 18692 $ 94.95
CTT Form A Part 1 pkg/25 23181 $ 47.95
CTT Form A Part 2 pkg/25 23182 $ 47.95

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Spreen, Ottfried and Esther Strauss

~ (2006) is a 3rd revised edition of Spreen's classic reference text. This text offers the most comprehensive coverage of Neuropsychological assessments presently available. The thrid revision is current and up to date. Recognizing the tremendous growth in Neuorposychological practice, the volume has almost doubled in size. The text contains some actual standardized tests and describes assessment techniques along with summaries of the available research. The compendium is recommended for anyone performing Neuropsychological Assessments.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
text hardcover 1240 pp. 14528 $ 154.95

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Reynolds, Cecil, Ph.D.

~ (2002) evaluates brain injury and other forms of central nervous system compromise with increased emphasis on frontal lobe function. The CTMT is a set of five visual search and sequencing tasks that are influenced by attention, concentration, resistance to distraction, and cognitive flexibility.
Kit includes: manual & 10 record forms
RANGE: 11-74 years
TIME: 5-12 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21383 $ 219.95
Manual / Specimen Set 21511 $ 119.95
Record booklets pkg/10 21512 $ 104.95

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Dawson, Peg, and Richard Guare

~ (2004) provides a research-based framework for strengthening executive functioning in children and adolescents. Reproducible assessment tools, checklists, and planning sheets are included.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 129 pages, Paperback 21731 $ 59.95

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Fastenau, Philip, Ph.D.

~ (2003) retains the strengths and overcomes the limitations of the Complex Figure Test by adding recognition and matching trials to distinguish perceptual operations from constructional skills, and encoding processes from retrieval processes. This gives the ECFT greater diagnostic sensitivity. The patient must copy a complex geometric figure which assesses their immediate recall of the figure. A forced-choice recognition task and a stimulus matching task are then administered.
Kit includes: manual, stimulus booklet & 25 booklets
RANGE:6 years & uo
TIME: 10-20 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21384 $ 299.95
Stimulus booklet 21385 $ 124.95
Booklets pkg/25 21386 $ 89.95
Manual 21387 $ 109.95

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Grace, Janet & Paul F. Malloy

~ (2002) is a new revision of the frontal lobe personality scale FLOPS. The FRSBE provides a brief evaluation of 3 frontal systems "apathy" (14 items), "disinhibition" (15 items), and "executive dysfunction" (17 items). This test contains 46 Likert-type items with two forms available: self-rating, and family rating forms.
Kit includes: manual, 25 self-rating & 25 Family rating booklets, and 25 self-rating & 25 Family rating profile forms
RANGE: 18-95 years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 10 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Starter kit 19445 $ 389.95
Manual 19446 $ 89.95
Self-rating booklets pkg/25 19447 $ 119.95
Family-rating test booklets pkg/25 19448 $ 119.95
Self-rating profile forms pkg/25 19449 $ 43.95
Family-rating profile forms pkg/25 19450 $ 43.95

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Fuld, Paula Altman

~ allows the examiner to evaluate memory and learning while eliminating questions about the effects of poor vision, hearing language handicaps, cultural differences or inattention. Ten common objects in a bag are presented to the patient to determine whether he can identify objects by touch. The patient names the item, then pulls it out of the bag to see if he was right. After distraction, the subject is asked to recall the items from the bag. Four more chances to learn and recall are then given. The Fuld Test provides a chance to observe naming ability, left-right orientation, stereognosis and verbal fluency. Two alternate equivalent forms are available.
Kit includes: manual, stimulus materials, and record forms
RANGE: 70-90 years
TIME: 15 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Form I kit 2358 $ 159.95
Manual 2359 $ 54.95
Form I record sheets pkg/30 2360 $ 54.95
Form II kit 2361 $ 159.95
Form II record sheets pkg/30 2362 $ 54.95

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Russell, Elbert, Ph.D., Regina Starkey

~ Using a scaling system based on 10 index tests, this program lets you score measures from both the Halstead-Reitan Battery and clinical practice. The HRNES takes the raw scores from the tests administered, corrects them for age and education, and converts them to scaled scores. Generates three overall indexes of brain function: Percent Score - The proportion of index test scores in the brain-damaged range; Average Index Score - The mean score for 10 index tests - indicating both the presence and degree of impairment; and Lateralization Key - Low scores reflect left-hemisphere impairment: high scores suggest right-hemisphere damage.
Kit includes: Manual, 10 Recording Booklets, 3.5 Unlimited-Use Disk Windows 3.1
Kit with CD includes manual 10 recording booklets and unlimited use Cd for windows 98,ME, 2000 or XP
RANGE: Adults

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit with IBM 3.5 disk (unlimited uses) 12224 $ 909.95
Manual 12226 $ 104.95
Record booklets pkg/10 12227 $ 99.95
Kit w CD 22662 $ 909.95

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Heaton, Robert, Igor Grant, and Charles Mathews

~ (2004) has a lengthy full title: "Revised Comprehensive Norms for an Expanded Halstead-Reitan Battery: Demographically Adjusted Neuropsychological Norms for African American and Caucasian Adults".
The text describes current research, norms and interpretation for the group of tests known as the Halstead-Reitan Battery. A computer program is available to make the norms tables more accessible for regular daily users.
Note that if the tests you are using are the newer derivations of Halstead's tests from publishers other than Reitan Neuropsych. Labs, (such as CTT or CTMT instead of Trail Making; or the BCT version of Halstead's Category Test -- all listed separately in this catalog), then you should only use the norms in the manuals which accompany the most recent editions of these revised tests.
New to this edition of the Comprehensive Norms is: updated norms and normative corrections, expanded measures of neuropsychological functioning, new neuropsychological summary score, optional African-American norms, and a revised record form.
Kit includes: Manual and 50 record forms
RANGE: 20-85 years,
ADMINISTRATION: Individual,: 5-10 minutes with scoring program LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Manual 12718 $ 299.95
Record forms pkg/50 12719 $ 84.95
Kit 15878 $ 349.95
Computer scoring software 18350 $ 1046.50
Combined Kit and Computer Scoring Software 23197 $ 1328.60

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Hooper, H.E.

~ screens for neurological impairment using 30 picture stimuli. Each presents a line drawing of a simple object which has been cut into two to four pieces and rearranged on the page in a puzzle like fashion. The respondent is required to name what the object would be if it were put back together correctly.
Kit includes: manual, 4 picture books, 25 booklets, 100 answer sheets & key
RANGE: 5+ years
TIME: untimed LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Test picture booklet 872 $ 74.95
Manual 873 $ 89.95
Test booklets pkg./25 874 $ 54.95
Answer sheets pkg./100 875 $ 54.95
Scoring key 876 $ 30.95
Kit 18304 $ 379.95

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Brandt, Jason & Benedict, Ralph

~ assesses verbal learning and memory using 6 equivalent alternate forms for reassessment. Each form consists of a list of 12 nouns with 4 words drawn from each of the three semantic categories. Tasks include: three learning trials, a delayed recall trial (20-25 minute delay), and a yes/no delayed recognition trial. Raw scores are derived for Total Recall, Delayed Recall, Retention (% retained), and a Recognition Discrimination Index.
Kit includes: Manual, HVLT-R/BVMT-R manual supplement and 25 each of 6 Test Booklets
RANGE: 16+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 5-10 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Introductory Kit 19402 $ 549.95
Manual 19403 $ 104.95
Form 1 Test Booklets pkg/25 19404 $ 74.95
Form 2 Test Booklets pkg/25 19405 $ 74.95
Form 3 Test Booklets pkg/25 19406 $ 74.95
Form 4 Test Booklets pkg/25 19407 $ 74.95
Form 5 Test Booklets pkg/25 19408 $ 74.95
Form 6 Test Booklets pkg/25 19409 $ 74.95
SEE BVMT-R for Manual Supplement stock# 2309 23199 $ .00
SEE BVMT-R for Scoring Program CD-ROM stock# 23200 $ .00

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Torrance, Paul, W. Taggart and B. Taggert

~ measures the degree to which individuals think with one or the other hemisphere of the brain. Individuals are assessed in terms of their processing preference: left brain, right brain, integrated, or mixed. The Strategies and Tactics profiles provide a description of a person's overall approach. The Kit includes: manual, 10 surveys & 10 profile forms.
RANGE: adults
ADMINSTRATION: Group, 40 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Professional starter set 6360 $ 104.95
10 survey forms & 10 profiles 6361 $ 79.95
Administrator's manual 6362 $ 40.95
20 profiles & 20 response sheets 6364 $ 41.95
Professional Specimen set 6365 $ 42.95
Research Specimen set 7153 $ 42.95

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Schmidt, Michael, Ph.D., and Frederick Coolidge, Ph.D.

~ measures basic learning and retention, as well as the qualitative aspects of memory, including proactive inhibition, retroactive inhibition, organization of recall, and position effects.
Kit includes: manual, 5 record forms, 1 stimulus booklet & 5 use scoring disk
RANGE: 16+ years
TIME: 20-30 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 14425 $ 309.95
Stimulus booklet 18297 $ 104.95
Record form pkg/20 18298 $ 69.95
Manual 18299 $ 104.95
Windows Scoring disk (20 uses) 18300 $ 499.95

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Antoine Bechara, PhD

~ (2007) assists in the detection of decision-making impairment in patients with prefrontal cortex damage, by using a computerized assessment carried out in real time.
Kit includs: manual, administration card & unlimited use software
RANGE: 18-79 years
ADMINSTRATION: Individual, 15-20 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit CD-ROM 23126 $ 909.95
Manual 23127 $ 94.95

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Pimental, P. and Nancy Kingsbury

~ (2000) screens clients for neurocognitive deficits associated with right-hemisphere lesions. Changes to the new edition include: new validity studies, the addition of a revised left-right differential scale and a raw scale conversion table, and a caliper has been included to standardize administration across examiners.
Kit includes: manual, 25 record booklets, 25 report forms, 25 response sheets, and a caliper.
TIME: 25-30 minutes
RANGE: 20-80 years LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 7507 $ 309.95
Examiner's Manual / Specimen Set 7508 $ 114.95
Record booklets pkg/25 7509 $ 69.95
Report forms pkg/25 7510 $ 69.95
Response sheets pkg/25 19391 $ 38.95
Caliper 19392 $ 38.95

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~ The NCSE is a standardized test instrument for assessing cognition. It requires less than 5 minutes to administer to normals, and 10-20 minutes for those who are impaired. Five major ability areas are examined: language, constructions, memory, calculations, and reasoning. Three general factors are also examined: level of consciousness, attention, and orientation. The NCSE can be compared to the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) as well.
Starter Set includes: Stimulus book, manual, tokens, and 25 test booklets.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Booklets pkg./100 10857 $ 229.95
Booklets pkg/25 11011 $ 475.00
Stimulus book 11012 $ 79.95
Set of 8 tokens 11013 $ 79.95
Manual 11014 $ 169.95
Starter set 11015 $ 1270.75

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Stern, Robert, PhD, and Travis White, PhD

~ (2003) evaluates neuropsychological functioning by assessing attention, language, memory, spatial, and executive functions. Modules include: orientation, digits forward, digits backward, dots, numbers & letters, driving scenes, oral production, auditory comprehension, naming, reading comprehension, writing, bill payment, list learning, shape learning, story learning, daily living memory, visual discrimination, design construction, figure drawing, map reading, mazes, judgment, categories, and word generation. The NAB offers flexible battery and fixed battery approaches including two alternate equivalent forms. The Software Portfolio provides unlimited scoring and reporting.
Complete Kit includes: Software manuals, stimulus materials, 50 summary /profiles, form 1 and form 2 materials.
Screening Kit includes: Software, manuals, stimulus materials, & screening materials.
RANGE: 18-97 years
ADMINISTRATON: Individual, 3.5 hours LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 21760 $ 5499.95
Screening kit 21761 $ 1501.50
Administration manual 21762 $ 164.95
Technical manual 21763 $ 164.95
Demographically corrected norms manual 21764 $ 269.95
U.S. Census matched norms manual 21765 $ 164.95
Screening Form 1 record forms pkg/25 21766 $ 164.95
Screening Form 1 response booklets pk/25 21767 $ 94.95
Attention form 1 record forms pkg/25 21768 $ 94.95
Attention Form 1 response booklets pk/25 21769 $ 94.95
Attention form 2 record forms pkg/25 21770 $ 94.95
Attention form 2 response booklets pk/25 21771 $ 94.95
Language form 1 record forms pkg/25 21772 $ 109.95
Language form 1 response booklets pkg/25 21773 $ 94.95
Language form 2 record forms pkg/25 21774 $ 109.95
Language form 2 response booklets pkg/25 21775 $ 94.95
Memory form 1 record forms pkg/25 21776 $ 109.95
Memory form 2 record forms pkg/25 21777 $ 109.95
Spatial form 1 record forms pkg/25 21778 $ 94.95
Spatial form 2 record forms pkg/25 21779 $ 94.95
Executive form 1 record forms pkg/25 21780 $ 94.95
Executive form 1 response booklets pk/25 21781 $ 94.95
Executive form 2 record forms pkg/25 21782 $ 94.95
Executive form 2 response booklets pk/25 21783 $ 94.95
Score Summary / Profile forms pkg/50 21784 $ 94.95

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O'Donnell, William, et al

~ screens for global impairment and specific symptom areas usng 95 items to assess: cognitive efficiency, attention, memory, frustration, tolerance, learning-verbal, academic skills, critical items, defensiveness, affective distrubance, response inconsistency, and subjective distortion. An Observer Report form is completed by a relative or close friend of the patient. The Senior Interview is useful with older patients who can't complete the NIS Self-Report due to poor vision, strength, or manual dexterity.
Kit includes: 25 self reports, 25 observer reports, & manual,
RANGE: 18-88 years
TIME: 15-20 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 12211 $ 279.95
Answer sheets pkg/25 12212 $ 84.95
Observer answer forms pkg/25 12213 $ 84.95
Manual 12214 $ 114.95
Senior Interview Kit 19438 $ 179.95
Senior Interview Answer Form pkg/25 19439 $ 74.95
Mini Mental Staus Exam Record pkg/100 19440 $ 27.95

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Schinka, John A.

~ provides a comprehensive data collection and a detailed outline for generation of a complete clinical report. The NSE consists of 13 sections including Patient and Referral Data, Neuropsychological Symptom Checklist, Premorbid Status, Physical, Emotional and Cognitive Status.
Kit includes: manual, 25 NSE and NSC forms LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
NSE kit 1488 $ 114.95
NSC forms pkg/25 1489 $ 54.95
NSE Forms pkg/25 13200 $ 54.95

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Nelson, Linda, Paul Satz, and Lou D'Elia

~ assesses brain impaired individuals in terms of affective change. Scales include: Indifference, Inapropriateness, Pragnosia, Depression, and Mania. Two forms are available: Form S for self-rating by the patient; and Form O for collecting information from significant others.
RANGE: brain damaged patients

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Specimen set 13500 $ 69.95
Permission to reproduce up to 150 copies 13501 $ 279.95

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~ assesses speed of movement, tactile perception, and problem solving ability. The P-TPT is a portable version of Halstead's Tactual Performance Test and offers a convenient alternative to the original TPT for use with the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery. Designed as an attractive carrying case with handle, the P-TPT allows easy storage, handling, and set-up for test administration.
RANGE: 5+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 10-15 minutes per trail LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 1596 $ 769.95
Record forms pkg/50 1597 $ 74.95

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Sterling, Harold M. et al

~ (1998) assesses 15 areas of neurological integration related to learning. The QNST2 provides an opportunity to sample maturity of motor development, skill in controlling large and small muscles, motor planning and sequencing.
Kit includes: manual, 25 scoring forms, 25 remedial Guides, Cue Cards & 25 geometric forms
RANGE: grades K - 12
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 20 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 1627 $ 194.95
Manual 1628 $ 64.95
Scoring forms pkg/25 1629 $ 43.95
Directions for admin. Cue Cards (20 1631 $ 35.95
Remedial guidelines forms pkg/25 7338 $ 24.95
Geometric form reproduction sheets pk/25 10070 $ 26.95
Specimen Set 13242 $ 64.95

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~ With MOART you can employ simple reaction time tasks such as Go/No Go tasks for the study of higher centers of the brain, and more complex discriminate reaction time tasks to study cognitive processing. The system may also be used to study executive functioning through the use of an interference tapping task. While subjects are required to attend to a reaction time task they must execute a simultaneous tapping task.
MOART’s main menu allows the user to select one of the following six test types:
(1) Simple Reaction Time: Choose either simple stimulus with response or Go/No Go reaction paradigm.
(2) Choice Reaction Time: Choose from multiple stimuli and multiple responses.
(3) Simple Reaction/Movement: Choose either simple stimulus with response or Go/No Go reaction paradigm with an added movement response.
(4) Choice Reaction/Movement: Subject starts from a single key and responds to one of multiple response keys based on stimulus presented.
(5) Simple Tap Test: The subject taps one key as quickly as possible during a timed test period.
(6) Complex Tap Test: The subject alternately taps two separate keys as quickly as possible for a predetermined test time.
- Choice of Reaction / Movement Keys:
- Cue: Choice of tri-color light, high tone or low tone
- Cue Time: Fixed, random, or none
- Cue Time Range: Variable from 0 - 25.5 seconds, 0.1 second resolution
- Error Type: Early response, no response, incorrect response or inaccurate response
- Response Time Out:Variable from 0 - 25.5 seconds, 0.1 second resolution
- Tapping Duration: Variable from 0 - 255 seconds, 1.0 second resolution
- Power Requirements: 12VDC, 1.0 Amp supplied with AC adapter
IF YOUR COUNTRY REQUIRES a 220 volt to 12 volt adapter please specify when ordering.
Computer Connection: USB
Timing Resolution/Accuracy: 1.0 millisecond ±0.001%
Dimensions: 21.0" x 11.2" x 2.5"
Control Interface: PsymCon Model 35500 or PsymSoft Model 35800

Qty Item description Stock# Price
MOART w/Psymcon control - call for price 22346 $ 6999.95
MOART / control not incl.-call for price 22347 $ 6099.95

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McNeil, Malcolm M. and Thomas E. Prescott

~ (1978) assesses auditory processing disorders associated with brain damage, aphasia and certain language and learning disabilities. Percentile ranks are available for normal, right, and left hemisphere brain damaged adults.
Kit includes: examiner's manual, admin manual, 25 scoring forms, 25 profiles and 24 tokens
RANGE: 20-80 years
TIME: 30 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 1691 $ 279.95
Examiner's manual 1692 $ 94.95
Profile forms pkg/25 1693 $ 64.95
Administration manual and scoring forms 1694 $ 64.95
Tokens 1695 $ 69.95

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Schmidt, Michael,

~ (1997) evaluates verbal learning and memory, proactive inhibition, retroactive inhibition, retention, encoding versus retrieval, and subjective organization.
Kit includes: handbook & 25 forms
RANGE: 7-89 years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 14422 $ 164.95
Handbook: 142 pp spiral 14423 $ 119.95
Record sheet and score summary pkg/25 14424 $ 54.95

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Meyers, John, PsyD. and Kelly Meyers

~ (1996) measures visuospatial ability and visuospatial memory using 5 domains of neuropsychological functioning: visuospatial recall memory, visuospatial recognition memory, response bias, processing speed, and visuospatial constructional ability. The stimulus figure used in the RCFT is a digital rendition of Rey's original complex figure.
Kit includes: manual with supplement, 50 booklets and stimulus card
RANGE: 6-89 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 45 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Manual 13289 $ 199.95
Booklets pkg/50 13290 $ 279.95
Stimulus Card 13291 $ 29.95
Child & Adolescent Manual Supplement 13878 $ 84.95
Kit 15872 $ 539.95

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Ross, Deborah G.

~ (1996) assists in diagnosis of processing disorders following Traumatic Brain Injury. Results are used to quantify information processing deficits and to establish severity ratings of skill abilities. Abilities assessed are immediate memory, recent memory, temporal orientation (recent & remote time-frame), spatial orientation, orientation toward environment, recall of general information, problem solving and abstract reasoning, organization, auditory processing and retardation.
Kit includes: manual, 25 record forms, and 25 profiles
RANGE: 15-90 years
TIME: 45-60 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 1722 $ 289.95
Examiner's manual/ Specimen Set 1723 $ 119.95
Record forms pkg/25 1724 $ 104.95
Profile/Summary forms pkg/25 13305 $ 69.95

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Ruff, Ronald, PhD, and C. Christopher Allen, PhD

~ measures visuospatial learning and memory sensitive to right hemisphere functioning. The RULIT does not require drawing skills, good eyesight, motor control, or refined visuospatial integration. Verbal mediation is minimal.
Kit includes: manual, 50 booklets, and stimulus cards
RANGE: 16-70 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual. 5-15 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 19069 $ 269.95
Manual 19070 $ 84.95
Test booklets pkg/25 19071 $ 94.95
Stimulus Cards (set of 2) 19072 $ 23.95

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Ruff, Ronald, PhD, and Kristin Hibbard, PhD

~ (2003) assesses cognitive, emotional, physical and psychosocial functioning. General quality of life is also assessed. This is a self-report inventory which measures the examinee's perception of the important dimensions of his/her daily life activities following a catastrophic event. The RNBI uses 17 Pre-morbid scales and 18 Post-morbid scales which are combined to create four pre-morbid and four post-morbid composite scale scores. Four validity scales are included: infrequency, inconsistency, negative impression management and positive impression management. The incorporation of validity scales make this test a useful information-gathering device as part of a compensation-related assessment.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, 25 answer booklets, & 25 profiles
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINSITRATION:Group, 30-45 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21880 $ 309.95
Manual 21881 $ 94.95
Reusable Booklets pkg/25 21882 $ 84.95
Answer booklets pkg/25 21883 $ 104.95
Profile bookelts pkg/25 21884 $ 59.95

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Adamovich, Brenda and Jennifer Henderson

~ (1992) assesses the cognitive and linguistic abilities of patients with head injuries, both to establish the severity of the injury and to chart progress during recovery. The SCATBI consists of five subtests: Perception Discrimination, Orientation, Organization, Recall, and Reasoning. This battery progresses in difficulty which enables patients who functioned at very high levels prior to injury to be measured with the same instrument as they regain the use of higher level abilities.
Kit includes: examiner's manual, stimulus manual, 25 record forms, audiocassette, and card set.
RANGE: Adolescent - Adult
TIME: 30-120 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit 17523 $ 529.95
Examiner's Manual 17524 $ 134.95
Stimulus Manual 17525 $ 134.95
Stimulus Card Set 17526 $ 109.95
Stimulus Cassette Tape 17527 $ 59.95
Record Forms pkg/25 17528 $ 109.95

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Wetzel, Linda, Ph.D. and Thomas Boll, Ph.D.

~ is used to detect the effects of closed head injuries, isolate the organic components of psychiatric illness, identify the early stages of dementia related to Alzheimer's disease, multiple infarcts, drug and alcohol abuse, or drug toxicity, assess the effects of chronic conditions, measure cognitive status following neurosurgery or rehabilitation, and confirm suspected deficits in abstract concept formation.
Kit includes: manual, stimulus cards & 100 forms
RANGE: 15+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 15-30 minutes

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 12215 $ 359.95
Stimulus cards 12216 $ 239.95
Answer sheets pkg/100 12217 $ 54.95
Manual 12218 $ 94.95

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~ is used in neuropsychological examinations to assess the function of the nervous system. Grip strength, fatigue rate, and recovery rate are measured. Grip strength is measured up to 100 kg in 500 gram graduations. The two dial hands move up together, but one freezes at the maximum grip achieved, while the other follows the grip up or down. The handle grip is adjustable to fit the grip length of the hand.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Hand dynamometer 4146 $ 519.95

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Doty, Richard

~ provides a means of quantifying smell functioning. It consists of 4 self-administered test booklets, each containing 10 stimuli for smell. The SIT focuses on the comparative abilities of individuals to identify a number of odorants at the suprathreshold level.
Kit includes: manual and a set of 4 booklets
RANGE: 4-99 years
TIME: 8-12 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 15883 $ 144.95
Administration manual 15884 $ 40.95
Test booklets pkg/4 15885 $ 99.95
Test booklets pkg/28 18914 $ 399.95

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Golden, Charles

~ diagnoses brain dysfunction, evaluates stress, personality, cognition and psychopathology to differentiate normal, non brain-damaged psychiatric, and brain-damaged subjects. The manual had been updated (2002) to include an extensive review of stroop research over the past two decades. Each booklets include: Word page listing the names of colors printed in black ink; Color page showing symbols written in colored ink, and a Color-word page combining the word from the first page and the color ink of the second page. In the Stroop technique, the color and word do not match. The client must move down the columns, reading words or naming the ink colors, as quickly as possible.
A separate edition is available for use with children.
Inexpensive scoring software is available to profile and print-out results.
Kit includes: manual & 25 booklets
RANGE: 15+ years Adult Version 5-14 years Children's Version
TIME: 5 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Adult Record forms pkg/25 2448 $ 114.95
Adult Manual 2449 $ 74.95
Adult Complete kit 3898 $ 179.95
Children Complete kit 22630 $ 209.95
Child Record Form pkg/25 22631 $ 114.95
Children's Manual 22632 $ 74.95
Adult comptuer scoring software 22646 $ 54.95
Child Computer Scoring Software 22647 $ 54.95

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Trenerry, Mark & Bruce Crosson

~ consists of a Color Task & a Color-Word Task. A timer is required to administer both 2 minute sections of the test. In the Color Task, the respondent reads a list of 112 color names in which no name is printed in its matching color. In the Color-Word Task, the resondent names the color of ink in which the color names are printed.
Kit includes: manual, 25 of form C and form C-W, and 50 record forms
RANGE: 18-79 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 4 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Introductory Kit 10760 $ 249.95
Record Forms pkg/25 10761 $ 59.95
Manual 11881 $ 49.95
Stimulus Sheets (25 form C & 25 form CW) 11882 $ 104.95

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Smith, Aaron

~ detects cognitive impairment, screens for learning disorders, and predicts reading problems. The SDMT uses a substitution task where the examinee has 90 seconds to pair numbers with geometric figures. Responses can be written or oral.
Kit includes: manual and 25 self scoring forms
RANGE: 8-75 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 5 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 4352 $ 169.95
Self scoring forms pkg/25 4353 $ 84.95
Manual 4355 $ 89.95

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~ measures dexterity by blindfolding the subject and having them match a shape in one hand to a shape touched on the board with the other hand.
RANGE: 5-14 years
TIME: 5 minutes LEVEL: A

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Set 14781 $ 269.95

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Reynolds, Cecil R & Horton, Arthur McNeill

~ (2007) measures multiple aspects of executive functioning deficits. Results are useful in assessing language functioning, or in neuropsychological exams to detect and quantify language loss resulting from brain injury. Scores may also be used to track rehabilitation progress. TVCF evaluates language functions and verbal ability at a level that is suitable for assessing those who may also suffer from language related conceptualization deficits and fluency problems.
The kit has four easy to administer subtests comprised of verbal and nonverbal tasks. Sutests assess multiple aspects of verbal fluency, set-shifting, and concept identification, along with sequencing and visual search skills.
KIT: Manual, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Forms, 25 Trails C Forms, and Classification Cards Set.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit 22773 $ 359.95
Manual 22774 $ 124.95
Profile/Examiner Forms pkg/25 22775 $ 79.95
Trails C Form okg/25 22776 $ 69.95
Classification Card Set 22777 $ 109.95

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Culbertson, William C. & Zilmer, Eric A.

~ (2005) is an individually adminstered neuropsychological instrument designed to assess higher-order problem-solving -- specifically "executive planning" abilities. TOL may be used to assess patients with frontal lobe damage. Modifications in administration and scoring are suggested to facilitate measurement.
Kit includes: manual, 2 pegboards with beads & 25 forms for children & 25 adult forms
RANGE: 7+ years
TIME: 10-15 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit 20233 $ 569.95
Complete Adult Kit 20234 $ 499.95
Complete Child Kit 20235 $ 499.95
Manual 20236 $ 179.95
Child Recording Forms pkg/25 20237 $ 84.95
Adult Recording Forms pkg/25 20238 $ 84.95

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Trenerry, Max, et al

~ is a quick measure of attention span in patients with neurological impairment. The VSAT consists of four visual cancellation tasks that vary in complexity and stimulus familiarity. The respondent must cross out letters and symbols that are identical to a target. Separate scores are provided for: left and right side performance to assess visual field defects, unilateral spatial neglect, and syndromes that affect the perception of portions of the visual space.
Kit includs: manual & 50 booklets
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 6 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 8253 $ 309.95
Manual 8254 $ 74.95
Booklets pkg/25 8255 $ 124.95

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Grant, David A. and Esta A. Berg

~ (1993) assesses perseveration and abstract thinking. WCST allows the clinician to assess the following frontal lobe functions: strategic planning, organized searching, utilizing environmental feedback to shift cognitive sets, directing behavior toward achieving a goal, and modulating impulsive responding. Clinical interpretation should be conducted within the context of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation that integrates neurological data with medical, psychosocial, and historical information.
WCST-64 uses only the first 64 cards of the full test-set, thereby shortening administration time (to 10-15 minutes) while retaining the task requirements of the standard version.
NOTE: The Computer Version 4 - research edition (CV4, 2002) can be used to administer the WCST stimuli cards on-screen. The CV4 scoring software requires the clinician to input raw scores from a paper-pencil administration of the test. This scoring software is used only to profile and print results from a paper-pencil administration. The CV4 software (2002) has a more recent publication date than the current print version of this test.
Complete Kit includes: manual, 2 decks of cards & 50 record forms
Training kit includes: Training videotape and workbook
WCST:CV4 Research kit includes: Software manual, CD, keytops & 25 record forms
WCST:CV4 Scoring kit includes: manual, CD Rom,
WCST:CV4 Scoring Program Kit includes: CD Rom, WCST Kit
WCST-64 kit includes: manual, 50 records forms, 64-card deck
WCST-64 research kit includes: manual, CD. keytops & 25 computer record forms
WCST-64 Scoring program includes: Software manual, CD & 25 computer record forms.
RANGE: 6.5 - 89 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 20-30 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
WCST Kit 2171 $ 639.95
WCST Record booklets pkg/25 2173 $ 89.95
CV-4 Scoring Kit CD ROM -Research ED 7210 $ 1383.20
CV-4 Research edition Kit 7793 $ 1228.50
CV-4 record forms pkg/25 7794 $ 94.95
WCST Card deck (set of 2) 9501 $ 299.95
WCST Manual - Revised 9884 $ 199.95
WCST Training Kit 18564 $ 279.95
WCST Training DVD 18565 $ 219.95
WCST Training Workbook 18566 $ 69.95
WCST:CV3 to WCST:CV4 Research ed upgrade 18614 $ 184.95
WCST-64 Kit (handscoring only) 18977 $ 489.95
WCST-64 Manual 18978 $ 194.95
WCST-64 Record booklet pkg/25 18979 $ 84.95
WCST-64 Card deck 18981 $ 159.95
WCST-64:CV2 onscreen admin. kit 18982 $ 989.95
WCST:CV Key tops (1 set) 18983 $ 47.95
WCST-64:CV2 Record forms pkg/25 18984 $ 84.95
CV-4 Scoring Program Kit CD ROM 19283 $ 1365.00
WCST-64:CV2 scoring software only 22042 $ 619.95

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