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Intelligence and Cognitive Ability Testing Materials


Arlin, P. Kennedy

~ consists of 36 items which represent exercises in logical thinking. Based on the cognitive developmental theory of Jean Piaget, AFTR's nine subtests are: Classification, Multiplicative compensations, Probability, Correlations, Combinations, Proportions, Forms of conversation beyond direct verification, Combination of two or more systems of response, Mechanical equilibrium. Teaching For Thinking is a workbook which includes numerous examples and exercises for teachers to look at curriculum tasks from the adolescent's point of view. Computer reports are not compatible with Windows XP.
Kit includes: Manual, 35 Booklets, 35 Answer Sheets, and Key
RANGE: Grades 6-12
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 45 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 47 $ 229.95
Administration manual 48 $ 42.95
Test booklets pkg/35 49 $ 94.95
Answer sheets pkg/35 50 $ 35.95
Hand-scoring key 51 $ 15.95
Teaching for thinking 5718 $ 40.95
Computer software (IBM) 5720 $ 189.95

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~ (1994) is an IQ/School Learning Ability measure which is statistically linked to the CAT3 (listed separately). Users of both tests may get an estimate of the achievement ability difference (the so-called underachievement) of students. Using this model, "ability" as measured on the TCS represents learning potential, and CAT3 Achievement scores represent what the examinee has learned academically. A frequent use of achievement vs ability scores in in screening for learning disabilty. Generally those who produce significantly different achievement-ability scores should be referred for individual testing. It is not considered reasonable to diagnose student needs on the basis only of group administered test scores.
Subscales include: sequences, analogies, memory and verbal reasoning.
Multilevel specimen set includes: samples to administer to Grades 2-12
Primary specimen set includes: samples of tests for Grades 2-3
Junior specimen set includes: samples of tests for Grades 4-7
Senior specimen set includes: samples of tests for Grades 8-12+
1 2-3
2 4-5
3 6-7
4 8-9
5 10-12+
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 55 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Booklets Level 1 pkg/35 20321 $ 169.95
Booklets Level 2 pkg/35 20322 $ 194.95
Booklets Level 3 pkg/35 20323 $ 194.95
Booklets Level 4 pkg/35 20324 $ 194.95
Booklets Level 5 pkg/35 20325 $ 194.95
U-score answer sheets All Levels pkg/25 20326 $ 59.95
Manual Level 1 20327 $ 14.95
Manual Levels 2-5 20328 $ 14.95
Practice tests Level 1 pkg/35 20329 $ 23.95
Practice tests Level 2-5 pkg/35 20330 $ 23.95
Norms book 20331 $ 64.95
Handbook and Technical Bulletin 20332 $ 47.95
Scoring keys Level 1 20333 $ 2.35
Scoring keys Levels 2-5 20334 $ 2.35
Individual record sheets pkg/50 20335 $ 28.95
Class record sheet 20336 $ 2.35
Multi-level specimen set 20337 $ 79.95
Primary specimen set 20338 $ 39.95
Junior specimen set 20339 $ 39.95
Senior specimen set 20340 $ 39.95

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Das, J.P. and Naglieri, Jack A.

~ (1997) is a norm-referenced measure of intelligence based on the PASS theory of cognitive processing. PASS consists of four cognitive components: Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive processes.
The CAS has two versions: a Standard Battery, and the shorter Basic Battery. The CAS Standard Battery has three subtests in each of the four PASS scales (described below) and is administered in about an hour. The Basic Battery comprises two subtests from each of the four PASS scales and takes about 45 minutes to administer. Each of the four PASS scales yields a standard score with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. The CAS also provides a Full Scale standard score with the same metric.
MULTI-PACK: includes 10 test records, 5 response books ages 5-7, 5 response books ages 8-17, and 10 figure memory response books.
RANGE: 5-18 years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit in case 17812 $ 1516.06
Record forms (5 - 17 yrs) pkg/25 17814 $ 79.95
Response books (5 - 7 yrs) pkg/25 17815 $ 79.95
Response books (8 - 17 yrs) pkg/25 17816 $ 49.95
Figure memory response books ages 5-17 pkg/25 17817 $ 49.95
Interpretive handbook 17818 $ 124.95
Administration and scoring manual 17819 $ 124.95
Multi-pack of forms 17820 $ 69.95
Scoring templates 17821 $ 27.95
University Training CD Rom 22604 $ 74.95

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Gardner, Morrison

~ uses discrimination and visual analogies tasks to estimate a child's aptitude and potential for academic achievement. This test does not require receptive English language ability and no verbal responses are necessary.
Kit includes: manual, test plates, & 25 record forms
RANGE: 4-14 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 10-20 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 20395 $ 124.95
Record forms pkg/25 20396 $ 17.95
Manual 20397 $ 36.95
Test Plates 22681 $ 74.95

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Hammill, Don; Nils Pearson & J. Lee Wiederholt

~ (2009) is a non-verbal test of IQ for use in psychoeducational assessment. The CTONI is relatively unbiased toward language, environmental and cultural factors which contribute to most IQ scores. The 6 subtests are: Pictorial Analogies, Geometric Analogies, Pictorial Categories, Geometric Categories, Pictorial Sequences, and Geometric Sequences. Examinees require no language, and can respond by pointing to the correct response. The CTONI provides a generalized pictorial vs. geometric difference score for the complete test (Nonverbal IQ), as well as for Sequences, Analogies and Categories separately. In addition, Pictorial and Geometric IQ are provided.
Kit includes: manual, analogies, categories and sequences picture book, and 25 record forms
Computer edition kit includes: manual, IBM windows disk & 25 administrations
RANGE: 6-90 years
TIME: 1 hour
SEE ALSO: TONI-3 and PTONI listed separately LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit for hand scoring 12474 $ 759.95
Examiner's manual 12475 $ 174.95
Analogies Picture Book 12476 $ 169.95
Categories Picture Book 12477 $ 169.95
Sequences Picture Book 12478 $ 169.95
Examiner record forms pkg/25 12479 $ 89.95
Complete kit computer edition (Windows) 14187 $ 579.95
Computer edition (additional 50 admin.) 14188 $ 189.95

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Cattell, Raymond B. and A.K.S. Cattell

~ assesses general intelligence equivalently across cultural groups using primarily non-verbal stimuli. Scale 1 consists of eight subtests, is not as free of cultural bias as the other scales and must be, in part, administered individually. Scales 2 and 3 each consist of four subtests, all of which are perceptual and non-verbal in nature, are group administered, and each have 2 equivalent forms A and B.
Scale 1 Specimen set includes: handbook, 1 booklet and key
Scale 1 Intro kit includes: handbook, key, cards, and 25 booklets
Scale 2/3 Intro kit includes: form A & form B booklet, manual, technical supplement, scale 2 & scale 3 answer sheet and keys for answer sheets to test one individual.
RANGE: Scale 1, 4-8; Scale 2, 8-14: Scale 3, 14+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 30 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Scale 1 test booklets pkg/25 4785 $ 74.95
Scale 1 scoring key 4786 $ 27.95
Scale 1 cards for classification test 4787 $ 64.95
Scale 1 specimen set 4788 $ 47.95
Scale 2 form A booklets pkg/25 4789 $ 69.95
Scale 2 form B booklets pkg/25 4790 $ 69.95
Scale 3 form A booklets pkg/25 4791 $ 69.95
Scale 3 form B booklets pkg/25 4792 $ 69.95
Scale 2 form A or B answer sheets pkg/50 4793 $ 48.95
Scale 2/3 manual 4794 $ 37.95
Scale 2/3 technical supplement 4795 $ 37.95
Scale 2 scoring keys (for Test Booklets) 4796 $ 21.95
Scale 3 scoring keys (for Test Booklets) 4797 $ 21.95
Scale 1 handbook 4799 $ 17.95
Scale 3 form A or B ans.sheets pkg 50 5600 $ 48.95
Scale 1 Introductory kit 18534 $ 159.95
Scales 2 and 3 Introductory Kit 18535 $ 149.95
Scale 2 scoring key (for Answer Sheets) 23387 $ 27.95
Scale 3 scoring key (for Answer Sheets) 23388 $ 27.95

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Naglieri, Jack PhD and J.P. Das

~ (2001) evaluates planning, attention, simultaneous, and successive cognitive processes (PASS). Its objective is to provide cognitive processing information for differential diagnosis and intervention.
Kit includes: manual, handbook, stimulus book, 10 record forms, 10 response books (5 of each age group), 10 figure memory books, templates & red pencil
RANGE: 5-17 years
AMINISTRATION: Individual, Basic 40 minutes; Standard 60 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 19076 $ 1647.10
Manual 19077 $ 144.95
Interpretive handbook 19078 $ 144.95
Record forms ages 5-17 pkg/25 19079 $ 94.95
Response booklets ages 5-7 pkg/25 19080 $ 59.95
Response booklets ages 8-17 pkg/25 19081 $ 59.95
Figure memory booklets ages 5-17 pkg/25 19082 $ 59.95
Rapid Score Software CD-ROM 23183 $ 409.95

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Hammill, Donald

~ (1998) measures general intelligence and ability by showing the effects of language, attention, and motor abilities on test performance. Subtests are: Word Opposites, Design Sequences, Sentence Imitation, Reversed Letters, Story Construction, Design Reproduction, Basic Information, Symbolic Relations, Word Sequences, Story Sequences, and Picture Fragments. Results are available as percentiles, standard scores, and age equivalents. The subtests are easily assigned to composites that are similar to major theoretical constructs such as Horn's fluid and crystalized intelligence, Jensen's associative and cognitive levels, Das' simultaneous and successive processes, and Wechsler's Verbal vs. Performance model. PC computer scoring disk allows unlimited uses and is available separately.
Kit includes: manual, picture books 1 and 2, 25 profile forms, 25 examiner booklets, 25 response forms, flipbook and chips, and design cubes
RANGE: 6-17 years
TIME: 40-120 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 8549 $ 699.95
Examiners manual 8550 $ 154.95
Picture book 1 8551 $ 184.95
Picture book 2 (for story sequences) 8552 $ 94.95
Profile/summary forms pkg/25 8553 $ 59.95
Examiner record booklets pkg/25 8554 $ 94.95
Response forms pkg/25 8555 $ 59.95
Design Sequence Cubes 8556 $ 74.95
Apple software scoring & report system 8569 $ 179.95
Windows software scoring & report system 8570 $ 219.95
DTLA-3 (OLD) Profile/Record forms pkg/25 11481 $ 40.95
DTLA-3 (OLD) Record Booklets pkg/25 18359 $ 74.95
DTLA-3 (OLD) Response Forms pkg/25 18533 $ 40.95

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Hammill, Donald, and Brian Bryant

~ (2005) identifies and isolates special intra-individual strengths and weaknesses. The DTLA-P3 includes 100 items from which 6 subtests and one total score are derived. This test is an excellent measure of cognitive abilities in language, motor functioning, and attention.
Kit includes: manual, picture box, 25 record booklets, and 25 response forms
RANGE: 3-9 years
TIME: 15-45 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 8557 $ 379.95
Examiners Manual / Specimen Set 8558 $ 109.95
Picture book 8559 $ 119.95
Examiners record forms pkg/25 8560 $ 94.95
Response forms pkg/25 8561 $ 69.95

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Richard, Gail J & Jeanane M Ferre

~ (2006) is designed to differentiate among the various levels of the processing hierarchy. The test is administered via directions presented by the narrator on the accomanying CD. Eight subtest areas are provided which represent the three major neurological levels involved in processing acoustic stimuli. Students receive a statistically sound pass/fail score for each subtest to determine if and when additional testing or referral is needed.
Complete Set includes manual,20 test forms, 2 headphones, Y-cord adapter, CD ROM 12 letter tiles, & 8 picture cards
RANGE: 6-13 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 35 minutes

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete set 22633 $ 154.95
Test Forms pkg/20 22634 $ 59.95

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Reynolds, Cecil and Julia Hickman

~ (2004) provides a recent publication on the practice of evaluating human figure drawings as a measurement of cognitive ability. Updates the Goodenough-Harris technique by scoring elements representative of universal features of the human figure. Psychometric data including norms, are based on a total sample of 3090 people.
Kit includes: manual 50 of each form
RANGE: 4-89 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 10-12 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 22165 $ 189.95
Manual 22166 $ 89.95
Scoring forms pkg/50 22167 $ 74.95
Drawing forms pkg/50 22168 $ 47.95

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Witkin, Herman A., Evelyn Raskin, and Philip Oltman

~ measures field dependence-independence in an assessment of cognitive functioning. This test has been used to explore analytical ability, social behavior, body concept, preferred defense mechanism and problem solving styles. The GEFT is commonly used for personal development counselling, career counselling or for organizational assessments.
RANGE: 16+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 20 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Specimen Set 21425 $ 94.95
Booklets pkg/25 21426 $ 114.95
Scoring Key 21427 $ 22.95

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Hanfmann, E, J. Kasanin, L. Vigotsky, and P. Wang

~ Also known as the Vigotsky Test, this block sorting task measures the ability to think using abstract concepts. This test consists of 22 blocks of different colors, shapes and sizes, but which are alike in some way. The subject must find the common factor in the blocks and sort them. It is particularly suited for use with uneducated adults, children and special groups such as psychotic patients.
Test includes: blocks and examinter's manual only: modified manual and record forms must be purchased separately.
RANGE: 10+ years
TIME: 30 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kasanin-Hanfmann test 2431 $ 409.95
Modified manual 2432 $ 74.95
Modified record forms pkg/30 2433 $ 59.95

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Stone, Mark H. and Benjamin D. Wright

~ (2002) is a nonverbal test measuring attention span and short-term memory. The KCT-R has few directions, and a pantomime can be used for adminitration.
Kit includes: manual, tapping cubes and 15 bookelts
RANGE: 3+ years
TIME: 10-15 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
KCT-R kit 21410 $ 219.95
KCT-R booklets pkg/15 21411 $ 54.95

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Kohs, S.C.

~ Kohs Block Design Tests are performance tests that are very similar to the Block Design subtest in well-known comprehensive intelligence scales.
Instructions were designed to be given in pantomime. The test consists of 16 colored cubes and 17 cards with colored designs that the subject is to duplicate. This test is included as a subtest of the Merrill-Palmer and Arthur Performance Scales.
Kit includes: cubes, cards, manual & 50 record forms.
RANGE: 3-19 years
TIME: 30-40 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 2424 $ 299.95
Blocks 2425 $ 209.95
Design cards 2426 $ 41.95
Manual 2427 $ 54.95
Record blanks pkg/50 2428 $ 54.95

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Kuhlmann, F. and Rose Anderson

~ assesses verbal and non-verbal capacity by measuring school learning ability. Subtests assess areas of: problem solving, picture and number patterns, proportions and symmetry, figuring out math functions, sequences, category errors, scrambled words, scrambled sentences, ordering, visual clues, antonyms, and classifying. Starter sets K, A, and BC are handscorable; higher levels must be scored with a School Starter Kit.
Kit includes: 20 booklets, manual, class record sheet & scoring key
K-kindergarten; A-grade 1; BC-grades 2-3; CD-grades 3-4; EF-grades 5-6; G-grades 7-9; H-grades 9-12
RANGE: Kindergarten - grade 12
TIME: 50-75 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit (Level K, A or BC) 6323 $ 64.95
Kit (Level CD, EF, G or H) 6324 $ 64.95
Manual 6325 $ 23.95
Technical report 6326 $ 37.95
Answer sheets form CD pkg/50 6327 $ 69.95
School scoring kit form CD 6328 $ 31.95
Class record sheet 6329 $ 4.95
Answer key (Level K, A or BC) 6330 $ 12.95
Specimen set (Level K, A or BC) 6331 $ 43.95
Specimen set (Level CD, or EF) 7149 $ 43.95
Specimen set (Level G or H) 7150 $ 43.95
Answer sheets form EF pkg/50 21595 $ 69.95
Answer sheets form G pkg/50 21596 $ 69.95
Answer sheets form H pkg/50 21597 $ 69.95
School scoring kit form EF 21598 $ 31.95
School scoring kit form G 21599 $ 31.95
School scoring kit form H 21600 $ 31.95

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~ (1997) is a non-verbal measure of intelligence in which the child matches the response cards with the corresponding illustrations. The Visualization & Reasoning battery assesses: classification, sequential order, repeated patterns design analogies, matching figure-ground, form completion, picture context, paper folding and figure rotation. The Attention and Memory assesses: forward & reverse memory span, spatial memory, visual coding, associative memory, associative delayed memory, immediate recognition, delayed recognition, sustained attention, and divided attention.
Kit includes: manual, 3 easel books, VR response cards, AM response cards, manipulatives, 20 VR & 20 AM record forms, attention sustained booklets, rating scale booklets, and growth profile booklet
RANGE: Booklet A ages 2-3; Booklet B ages 4-5; Booklet C ages 6-20
TIME: 30 minutes per battery LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 2328 $ 1861.60
Record forms VR pkg/20 2329 $ 54.95
Record forms AM pkg/20 2330 $ 54.95
Attention sustained booklet A pkg/20 2331 $ 31.95
Attention sustained booklet B pkg/20 2332 $ 31.95
Attention sustained booklet C pkg/20 2333 $ 31.95
Leiter growth profile booklet pkg/20 2334 $ 54.95
Manual 2336 $ 159.95
Teacher rating scale pkg/20 10711 $ 20.95
Self rating scale pkg/20 10865 $ 20.95
Parent rating scale pkg/20 17361 $ 20.95
Training Video: 2.5 hours 21406 $ 159.95

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Jackson, Douglas N.

~ (1998) consists of both Verbal and Performance batteries to assess aptitude (IQ). The Verbal scales are: information, comprehension, arithmetic, similarities, and vocabulary. The Performance scales are: digit symbol, picture completion, spatial, picture arrangement, and object assembly. A cassette tape allows group administration of all 10 of the 7 minute MAB subtests. The software allows you to administer, score & print either the extended or clinical reports. The MAB extended report includes raw scores, standardized age-corrected scale scores, and the IQ scores. The MAB Clinical report consists of a profile of differences between Verbal and Performance parts of the test, entry of observations of the examinee during testing, and a table summarizing the responses of the examinee.
Specimen set contains:
RANGE: 16-74 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 80-100 minutes
Sample Computer Report

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Verbal test booklets pkg/25 1440 $ 194.95
Performance test booklets pkg/25 1441 $ 194.95
Verbal battery answer sheets pkg/25 1443 $ 114.95
Performance battery answer sheets pkg/25 1444 $ 114.95
Record forms pkg/25 1446 $ 89.95
Scoring templates 1447 $ 79.95
Manual CD Rom Only 1448 $ 31.95
Cassette tapes for audio presentation 1449 $ 74.95
Specimen set 1450 $ 179.95
Verbal test booklets pkg/10 12020 $ 104.95
Performance test booklets pkg/10 21708 $ 104.95

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French, Joseph L.

~ (2002) tests general intelligence of children with or without disabilities. Subtests are: verbal abstractions, form discrimination, and quantitative concepts. Respondents need near normal vision and hearing.
Kit includes: manual, picture book, and 25 record booklets
RANGE: 3-8 years
TIME: 15-30 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete test kit 10004 $ 269.95
Examiner's manual 10005 $ 89.95
Profile/examiner record forms pkg/25 10006 $ 74.95

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Primary Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (PTONI)

Ehrler, D.L. & R.L. McGhee

~ (2008) ~ measures reasoning ability in young children. Minimal oral directions are required. Children are required to look at a series of pictures and point to the one that does not belong with the others. A verbal response is not required. Early items measure lower order reasoning (e.g., visual and spatial perception). Later items measure higher order reasoning abilities (e.g., analogical thinking, sequential reasoning, and categorical formulation).
Directions are provided in eight alternative languages, which allows use of the test with children whose preferred language is not English. Norms are based on a sample of 1010 children in 38 U.S. states.
Kit: includes Examiner's Manual, Picture Book (easel format), and 25 Examiner Record Forms.
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 5 to 15 minutes.
RANGE: 3 - 9 years


Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 22952 $ 369.95
Eaminer record forms pkg./25 22953 $ 84.95
Stimulus Book 22954 $ 164.95

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~ (2005) determines the functional level of student competency in mathematics and/or communicative arts. Alternate equivalent forms are available (G or H) for both tests.
Kit includes: manual, 20 booklets, 20 response forms
RANGE:Grades 2-12
TIME: 35 minutes LEVEL: A

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Examiner's manual 13689 $ 32.95
Specimen set (Level G or H) 13690 $ 54.95
Starter Set (Level G or H) 16257 $ 124.95
Math response forms (Level G or H) pk/20 21177 $ 54.95
Arts response forms (Level G or H) pk/20 21178 $ 54.95

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Reynolds, Cecil, PhD, and R. W. Kamphaus, PhD

~ (2002) measures verbal and nonverbal intelligence and memory by providing a thorough assessment of the client's current level of intellectual functioning and also allows the examiner to evaluate the relationship between the client's memory and cognitive skills. The VIX subscale asseses verbal intelligence by measuring verbal problem solving and verbal reasoning where acquired knowledge and skills are important. The NIX scale assesses nonverbal intelligence by measuring reasoning and spatial ability using novel situations and stimuli that are predominatly nonverbal.
Kit includes: manual, stimulus books, and 25 record forms
RIAS-IR provides unlimited scoring and report generation for both the RIAS & the RIST
RANGE: 3-94 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 35 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21347 $ 709.95
RIAS/RIST Manual 21348 $ 189.95
Record forms pkg/25 21349 $ 109.95
Stimulus Book 2 22926 $ 164.95
Stimulus Book 3 22927 $ 219.95
RIAS/RIST Stimulus Book 1 22928 $ 164.95
RIAS-IR CD Rom 23118 $ 549.95
RIAS/RIAS-IR Combination Kit 23119 $ 1235.78
RIAS/RIST/RIAS-IR Combination Kit 23120 $ 1290.38

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Kamphaus, Randy, PhD and Cecil Reynolds, Phd

~ (2002) is a quick screen to identify individuals who may need a more comprehensive intellectual assessment. Testing may also be used to quickly document the continuing presence of intellectual deficits. Two subtests are available: Guess What (verbal) and Odd-item out (non-verbal).
Kit includes: manual, stimulus book and 25 record forms
RANGE: 3-94 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 10-15 minutes

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21350 $ 389.95
RIAS/RIST Manual 21351 $ 189.95
Record forms pkg/25 21352 $ 74.95

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Ruff, Ronald

~ provides clinical information regarding nonverbal capacity for fluid and divergent thinking, ability to flexibly shift cognitive set, planning strategies, and executive ability to coordinate this process. Each booklet contains 5, 60-second parts. The task is to draw as many unique designs as possible by connecting the dots in different patterns.
Kit includes: manual and 25 booklets
RANGE: 16-70 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 5 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Introductory Kit 15874 $ 229.95
Professional Manual 15875 $ 84.95
Test Booklets pkg/25 15877 $ 164.95

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Bryant, Brian, James Patton, and Caroline Dunn

~ (1991) measures scholastic competence of adults providing an aptitude-achievement discrepancy analysis needed for LD placement.
Kit includes: manual, Test book, 25 Response booklets and 25 record forms
RANGE: 16-70 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 1-2 hours LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 7537 $ 329.95
Examiner's manual / Specimen Set 7538 $ 114.95
Test books pkg/10 7539 $ 104.95
Response booklets pkg/25 7540 $ 84.95
Profile/examiner record forms pkg/25 7541 $ 54.95

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Schubert, Herman

~ measures cognitive ability differentiating individual abilities: high school vs. college and occupational levels - facorty, office, engineers, and executive personnel.
Kit includes: manual & 25 booklets
RANGE: 13+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 45 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 5723 $ 209.95
Test booklets pkg/25 5724 $ 109.95

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Shipley, Walter C.

~ (2009) measures intellectual ability and impairment using 1) a 40-item Vocabulary Test that requires the respondent to choose which of four listed words means the same or nearly the same as a specified target word and 2) a 25-item Abstract Thinking Test, which requires the respondent to fill in numbers or letters that logically complete a given sentence and 3) a new 12-item Block Patterns Test as an alternative to the Abstract Test when a nonverbal measure is required.
Kit includes: manual, 20 vocabulary autoscore forms, 10 abstraction autoscore forms & block patterns forms
RANGE: 7+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or groups
TIME: 20 - 25 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 4326 $ 219.95
Tests pkg/100 - old 4327 $ 99.95
Manual 4328 $ 149.95
Vocabulary Autoscore Forms pkg/25 17115 $ 64.95
Abstraction Autoscore Forms pkg/25 23335 $ 64.95
Block Pattern Form with Answer Key pkg/25 23336 $ 64.95

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Slosson et al.

~ is a brief intelligence test providing a balanced measure of Verbal, Performance, Memory cognitive assessments. This test differentially screens Nonverbal from Verbal abilities when language skills are liimited. The S-FRIT is used to supplement the WISC-3 and the Stanford-Binet IV. The Computer report presents scores as standard scores, percentiles, T-scores, Best G Index, Rapid Cognitive Index and/or subdomain scores. Not compatable with Windows XP
RANGE: 5+ years
TIME: 25-45 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 10532 $ 299.95
Examiner's Manual 10533 $ 109.95
Technical manual with norms 10534 $ 109.95
Picture book 10535 $ 79.95
Motor response forms pkg/25 10536 $ 54.95
Brief score forms pkg/25 10537 $ 54.95
Item profiles/score summaries pkg/25 10538 $ 54.95
Computer scoring disk (unlimited) 17766 $ 239.95

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Erford, Bradley, Gary Vitali and Steven Slosson

~ (1997) screens children at risk of educational failure by assessing vocabulary, similarities, differences, digit sequences, sentence memory, quantitative skills, fine & gross motor skills, block design, perceptual motor speed, and visual motor integration.
See also the SIT-R3 listed separately in this catalog.
RANGE: 2.7-11 years
TIME: 10-25 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 14775 $ 369.95
Manual 14776 $ 119.95
Response booklets Lower Level pkg/25 14777 $ 74.95
Response booklets Upper level pkg/25 14778 $ 74.95
Picture book 18409 $ 54.95
Blocks (set of 8) 18410 $ 16.95

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Slosson, Richard

~ (2002) identifies functioning in the following cognitive domains: Information, Comprehension, Arithmetic, Similarities & Differences, Vocabulary & Auditory Memory. New to this edition are: a supplementary manual and embossed materials to allow testing of the visually impaired and/or blind, and scannable electronic score sheets.Profiling Kit item analysis allows administrators to profile for strengths and weakness of students.based on several categories.
See also SIT-P listed seperately in this catalog.
Kit includes: manual, norms tables, technical manual, supplementary manual and 50 score sheets
RANGE: 4-65 years
TIME: 10-20 minutes. LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 7552 $ 409.95
Manual 7553 $ 154.95
Norms tables technical manual 7554 $ 154.95
Score sheets pkg/50 7555 $ 104.95
Manual for Visually Impaired/Blind 19010 $ 32.95
Kit with Profile Analysis 22625 $ 459.95
Profile Analysis Kit 22626 $ 144.95
Scoring Template (3) 22627 $ 28.95
Profile Analysis Manual 22628 $ 74.95
Profile Forms 22629 $ 84.95

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Roid, Gale, Ph.D. and Lucy Miller, Ph.D.

~ is a nonverbal measure of intelligence for use with cognitive delays, disadvantaged - nonverbal or non-english speaking, ESL, and speech or Hearing impaired clients. Test items include a variety of problem solving tasks increasing in difficulty. The S-BIT provides both norm-referenced and criterion-referenced scores for IQ, Fluid Reasoning, and academically important subtests.
Kit includes: manual, easel book, response cards & 20 record forms
RANGE: 6-21 years
TIME: 15 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21407 $ 619.95
Record forms pkg/20 21408 $ 41.95
Manual 21409 $ 104.95

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Meeker, Mary, Ed.D. and Robart Meeker, Ed.D.

~ Based on Guilford's Multifactor Model of Intellegence, this test measure classifies cognitive activity according to 3 dimensions: Operations, Contents and Products. Forms A and B are alternate equivalent, form G is used to identify gifted students (grade 2 through adulthood), and form P is used to assess reading and cognitive style in primary students (K through grade 3). The SOI-LA assesses 26 seperate cognitive abilities, and provides a detailed profile of each student's intellectual strengths and weaknesses for improved student evaluation, simplified placement and guided teaching.
Kit includes: 10 booklets, 5 Form A & 5 form B, manual, keys, stimulus cards, and 10 worksheets and profiles
RANGE: grade 2-adult
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, A or B - 2.5 hours; form G or P - 1 hour

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 12192 $ 439.95
Test booklets pkg/5, specify form A or B 12193 $ 54.95
Test booklets form G pkg/5 12194 $ 54.95
Test booklets form P pkg/5 12195 $ 54.95
Manual 12196 $ 159.95
Keys for forms A, B, and G 12197 $ 84.95
Keys for form P 12198 $ 94.95
Stimulus cards (required for A, B, & G) 12199 $ 134.95
Worksheet and profiles pkg/100 12200 $ 49.95

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Morrison F. Gardner

~ measures quality and quantity of auditory thinking and auditory reasoning. Inferences, conclusions and judgment ability are tested. Children are tested for ability in logic, conceptual reasoning and abstract reasoning. Subtests include arithmetic, verbal absurdities, analogical completions, comprehension, directional orientation, general information, finding reasons, and similarities.
Kit includes: manual & 25 booklets
RANGE: 5-14 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 10-15 minutes

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Kit 10572 $ 114.95
Booklets pkg/25 10573 $ 59.95
Manual 10574 $ 54.95

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Brown, Linda et al

~ (1997) provides a language-free measure of intelligence, aptitude, abstract reasoning, and problem solving ability. Two alternate equivalent forms contain 45 steeply graded items. The examinee is asked to point, nod or gesture to the correct responses. No reading, writing, speaking, or listening skills are required.
Kit includes: manual, picture book, 50 form A and 50 form B answer booklets, and 50 form A and 50 form B record forms
RANGE: 6-89 years
TIME: 15-20 minute
SEE ALSO: TONI-3 and PTONI listed separately LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 1987 $ 689.95
Picture book 1988 $ 269.95
Form A booklets & record forms pkg/50 1989 $ 109.95
Form B booklets & record forms pkg/50 1990 $ 109.95
Examiner's Manual / Specimen Set 1991 $ 169.95

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Bracken, Bruce A. and R. Steve McCallum

~ (1998) assesses intelligence of individuals with speech, language, or hearing impairments, different cultural or language backgrounds, as well as those who are verbally uncommunicative. Diagnostic information relevant to common educational exceptionalities, including mental retardation, giftedness, and learning disabilities is also provided. There are 6 subtests: Symbolic Memory, Object Memory, Spatial Memeory, Analogic Reasoning, Cube Design, and Mazes.
RANGE: 5-17 years
TIME: Abbreviated 15 minutes; Standard 30 minutes; Extended 45 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete Kit with canvas case 17860 $ 1668.80
Complete Kit no case 17861 $ 1408.00
Examiner's Manual 17862 $ 249.95
Standard & Extended Battery Forms pkg/25 17863 $ 139.95
Abbreviated Battery Forms pkg/25 17864 $ 69.95
Mazes Response Booklets pkg/25 17865 $ 159.95
Videotape 17866 $ 209.95

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Glutting, Joseph & David Sheslow

~ (1999) is a cognitive measure yielding a Verbal IQ score, a Visual IQ score and then combines them for a General IQ score. This test was co-normed with the WRAT-3 to determine an intelligence/achievement discrepancy (WRAT-3 is listed separately in this catalog).
Kit includes: easel, diamonds in storage case, manual, and 25 forms
RANGE: 4-85 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 20-30 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Manual 17727 $ 124.95
Examiner forms pkg/25 17728 $ 99.95
Complete kit 17729 $ 539.95
Matrices and Diamonds Easel Stimulus Booklet 23219 $ 249.95
Diamond Chips (set/21 w/case) 23220 $ 89.95

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Woodcock, Richard; Kevin McGrew & Nancy Mather

~ (2007) is a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment system consisting of two large test batteries (1) Achievement and (2) Cognitive Abilites. The normative update is a revised and updated set of norms that are based entirely on the same items and administration format of the 3rd ed. of the WJ. Thus all that is need to update the WJ (2000) test to current norms it to purchase a new scoring CD and Manual. the scoring CD is available separately for those who do not require the NU technical manual.
WJ3 measures general intellectual ability,specific cognitive abiliteis,scholastic aptitude,oral language and achievement. Domain-specific skills with related cognitive abilities as well as traditional ability/achievement discrepancies are evaluated. New features introduced in the 3rd edition include: extended norms, broadened cognitive and achievement scores, Canadian validity study, 8 new cognitive subtests and 7 new achievement subtests.
The WJ-III includes a co-normed pair of test batteries: cognitive and achievement.
The Broad cognitive factors measures are: comprehensive knowledge, long term retrieval, visual spatial thinking, auditory processing, fluid reasoning, processing speed, and short term memory.
The Achievement battery assesses: reading, oral language, mathematics, and written language.
The BIA is used to obtain a quick IQ index in under 15 minutes.
WJ3 is only computer scorable. A basic scoring softeare program (profiles only) is included with the kits. The interpretive report writer deluxe scoring program is sold seperately as an upgrade. The report writer contains the interpretive plan, integrates contextual information from nine checklists with test scores, and can also be used withthe Bilingual Verbal Abilities Test. (listed seperately in this catalog).
Complete kit includes: both Cognitive and Achievement kits
Achievement kit includes: standard and extended booklets, Canadian pages, manual, administration cassette, 25 test records, 25 response booklets, WCPP scoring software, technical manual and scoring guides
Cognitive kit includes: standard and extended books, manual, cassette, 25 record/response booklets, 5 BIA records, scoring software, technical manual and scoring guides
Diagostic Supplement Kit includes: Test Book, 25 Test Records, Audio Cassette & Scoring software.
RANGE: 2-90 years
TIME: 5 minutes per subtest LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Achievement & Cognitive kit with case 18804 $ 3599.95
Achievement & Cognitive kit without case 18805 $ 3099.95
Cognitive Abilities kit with case 18806 $ 2099.95
Cognitive Abilities kit without case 18807 $ 1920.00
Achievement Form B kit with case 18808 $ 1582.40
Achievement Form B kit without case 18809 $ 1400.00
Cognitive record/response bklts (25 ea) 18810 $ 229.95
Brief intellectual ability forms pkg/25 18811 $ 94.95
Achievement record/response bklts (25ea) 19489 $ 219.95
Report Writer Software 19778 $ 919.95
Achievement Forms A & B Audio CD 20309 $ 64.95
Cognitive form A Audio CD 20310 $ 64.95
WJ-III-NU Compuscore & Profiles Version 3.0 21264 $ 399.95
WJ3-Diagnostic Supplement-Cognitve Kit 22336 $ 779.95
Diagnostic Supplement Test Records /25 22337 $ 159.95
Achievement AudioCD replacement 22874 $ 64.95
Cognitive Audio CD Replacement 22875 $ 64.95
WJ3-NU technical manual & NU Scoring CD 22929 $ 569.95
Achievement form C Kit 22930 $ 949.95
Achievement form C record resp. bklts pkg./25 22931 $ 129.95
Achievement form C screeing record/worksheets 22932 $ 99.95

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