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Abnormal Personality & Psychopathology (Adults)


Gadow, Ken, Joyce Sprafkin & Margaret Weiss

~ (2005) is a 135 item behavior checklist for adults which aids in diagnosing psychological problems or disorder. AI4 offers both an observer checklist and a self-report form which can be used separately or "in parallel". If both forms are used, severity ratings or indications of the presence or absence of symptoms can be compared between reports of the examinee and the observer/rater.
The checklists include behavioral symptoms of more than 25 DSM-IV psychiatric disorders.
The computer Scoring software offers unlimited uses. It scores and profiles test-scores, but is non-interpretive.
Complete Kit includes Manual, 50 Self-Report Checklists, 50 Observer-Checklists, 50 Symptom-Count Score Sheets & 50 Symptom-Severity Profiles.
See also the Adolescent Symptom Inventory 4 and the Child Symptom Inventory 4 listed separately.
RANGE: adults

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Complete Kit 22339 $ 219.95
Deluxe Kit w/ Scoring CD 22340 $ 449.95
Self Report Checklist pkg/50 22341 $ 109.95
Observer Checklist pkg/50 22342 $ 109.95
Symptom Severity Profiles pkg/50 22343 $ 28.95
Manual 22344 $ 84.95
Scoring Program CD 23328 $ 289.95

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Wineman, J.H.

~ is a brief method for organizing information about beliefs, atttitudes & behaviors in order to assess possible presence of AXIS-II personality disorder. AXIS-II is comprised of 184 yes/no items written at a 5th grade reading level. The 10 AXIS-II disorders are represented in 3 clusters...
Cluster A: Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal.
Cluster B: Antisocial, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Borderline.
Cluster C: Avoidant, Dependent, Obsessive, Compulsive.
This checklist is not normed. The 4-page interview guide assists in interpreting results. LEVEL: B

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Checklists and Interview guide pkg/25 22018 $ 109.95

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Jackson, Douglas N.

~ (1997) identifies sources of maladjustment and personal strengths. BPI has been used with a variety of adolescent and adult groups. BPI consists of 240 true/false items. A profile of 11 substantive clinical scales and one critical item scale is provided. The scales are: hypochondriasis, anxiety, depression, thinking disorder, denial, impulse expression, interpersonal problems, social introversion, alienation, self deprecation, persecutory ideas, and deviation (critical item scale). Separate adult and adolescent norms are reported in the manual. The inventory questionnaire is the same for adults and adolescents, but the profile forms are different. If you want to get both adult and adolescent forms, order one kit, and buy the package of profile forms which is not included in your kit. Do not buy both kits.
Kit includes: manual, 5 booklets, template, 10 answer sheets & 10 profiles
Several computer scoring options are available. Onsite software allows for administration on your computer. Mail-in or fax-in scoring is available, and there is now a convenient online edition which administers and scores BPI over the internet. Qualified professionals may call us for a FREE internet account and sample administration.
click here for a .PDF sample report. click here for a .PDF list of refrences.
RANGE: 16+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Group 35 minutes

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Adolescent Kit 6899 $ 159.95
Manual CD Rom only 6900 $ 59.95
Test booklets pkg/25 6901 $ 59.95
Hand scorable answer sheets pkg/25 6902 $ 41.95
Adult profiles pkg/25 6903 $ 79.95
Adolescent profiles pkg/25 6904 $ 79.95
Scoring template 6905 $ 33.95
Adult Kit 7814 $ 159.95
Basic report 12089 $ 22.95
Basic report pkg/10 12090 $ 144.95
Basic report pkg/100 12091 $ 1280.00
SigmaSoft for Windows 12092 $ 229.95

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Bell, Morris D. Ph.D.

~ is an objective test for screening clients who may have Character Disorders or psychoses. The author developed the inventory to provide an alternative to projective tests for assessing possible Borderline Personality Disorder, and to identify which treatment methods would be most likely to be effective. BORRTI consists of 90 items. Seven scales are provided which assess two broad domains. Object Relations (4 subscales): Alientation, Insecure Attachment, Egocentricity, Social Incompetence... Reality Testing: (3 scales): Reality Distortion, Uncertainty of Perception, Hallucinations and Delusions.
The full-length form assesses the respondent's ability to sustain essential relationships and to accurately identify internal and external reality.
Form O is a shorter form that provides only the 4 scales which measure object-relations.
The manual contains administration and scoring information for both forms. Norms are based on a nonclinical sample of approximately 1,000 adults.
The clinical scoring software provides a narrative report. The research software provides scores only (no narrative interpretation). Additional scoring credits can be purchased from the list of items below.
Kit includes: manual & 20 full-form autoscore answer sheets.
RANGE: adults
ADMINISTRATION: group, 15-20 minutes LEVEL: C

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Manual 11294 $ 99.95
Windows Clinical 3.5 disk (20 uses) 11295 $ 459.95
Complete Kit (for handscoring) 16795 $ 239.95
Windows Research 3.5 disk (20 uses) 18097 $ 164.95
Full Form PC answer sheets pad/100 18098 $ 30.95
Form O PC answer sheets pad/100 18099 $ 30.95
Full Form Autoscore Form pkg/20 22655 $ 79.95
Form O Autoscore Form pkg/20 22656 $ 69.95

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Derogatis, Leonard Ph.D.

~ is a brief self-report inventory designed to assess psychological symptom patterns of psychiatric or medical patients. BSI is a short form of the SCL-90-R.
BSI provides a single score which gives a good global index of mental health. Responses to BSI provide a good overview of a patient's symptoms and their intensity. Three primary symptom ares are measured: Somatization, Depression, and Anxiety. The Global Severity Index is based on all items and is widely used in research. A short-form (BSI-18 is listed separately in this catalog).
Kit includes: Manual, 50 Answer Sheets, 50 Profiles, 2 Worksheets, Keys and Bibliography
RANGE: 13+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 8-10 minutes LEVEL: B

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Nonpatient Adult Kit 10249 $ 309.95
Nonpatient Adolescent Kit 10250 $ 309.95
Outpatient Psychiatric Kit 10251 $ 309.95
Inpatient Psychiatric Kit 10252 $ 309.95
Nonpatient Adult profiles pkg/50 10253 $ 59.95
Nonpatient Adolescent profiles pkg/50 10254 $ 59.95
Outpatient Psychiatric profiles pkg/50 10255 $ 47.95
Inpatient Psychiatric profiles pkg/50 10256 $ 59.95
Manual 10257 $ 79.95
Administraion Audiocassette 10258 $ 134.95
Scoring keys 10270 $ 74.95
Answer Sheets pkg/50 15964 $ 119.95

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Derogatis, Leonard, Ph.D.

~ is a shortened form of the BSI. BSI-18 gathers patient-reported data to measure psychological distress and psychiatric disorder in medical and community populations. Three primary symptom ares are assessed: Somatization, Depression, and Anxiety. A Global Severity Index is provided.
See also the Brief Symptom Inventory listed separately.
Kit includes: manual, 50 answer sheets & 50 profiles
RANGE: 18+ years
TIME: 4 minutes LEVEL: C

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Manual 21582 $ 79.95
Community Starter kit 21583 $ 229.95
Oncology Starter kit 21584 $ 229.95
Answer sheets pkg/50 21585 $ 119.95
Community Profiles pkg/50 21586 $ 59.95
Oncology Profiles pkg/50 21587 $ 59.95

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Block, Jack

~ contains 100 card decks each consisting of a descriptive personality statement. An observer arranges the cards according to how well they describe the examinee. The adult form is helpful in personality assessment both in clinical and research contexts. The text: California Q-Sort Method in Personality Assessment and Psychiatric Research supplements the manuals.
RANGE: children - adults

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Adult Specimen Set 13595 $ 69.95
Adult Permission to reproduce 150 copies 20153 $ 279.95
Child Specimen Set 21430 $ 69.95
Child Permission to reproduce 150 copies 21431 $ 279.95
Q-SORT Personality Assessment & Research 21432 $ 59.95

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Cattell, Raymond & Samuel Krugg

~ (1980) measures normal and pathological traits and provides a multidimensional profile of the individual. The CAQ is intended for general clinical diagnosis and evaluating therapeutic progress. The questionnaire is divided into two parts. Part one assesses 16 normal personality dimensions -all analogous to the well known 16 P.F. scales. Part two assesses clinical dimensions: hypochondriasis, agitated depression, suicidal depression, anxious depression, guilt, energy level, boredom, and five other dimensions in the pathology domain. The short form contains 272 items (128 16pf normal personality and 144 clinical items). The Long form contains 331 items (187 16pf items and 144 clinical items).
See also the 16PF and APQ listed separately in this catalog.
RANGE: 16+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, Std 2 hours; Short 1.4 hours

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Manual 391 $ 74.95
Short Test booklets pkg/25 392 $ 89.95
Short Answer documents pkg/25 393 $ 48.95
Short Individual folder pkg/25 394 $ 59.95
Short Scoring keys 395 $ 89.95
Long Test booklets pkg/25 20163 $ 99.95
Long Answer sheets pkg/25 20164 $ 48.95
Long Scoring keys 20165 $ 89.95
Long Individual record folders pkg/25 20166 $ 59.95

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Ramirez Basco, Monica and John Rush

~ (2005) presents useful cognitive-behavioral techniques for use in management of bipolar disorder. Designed to enhance pharmacotherapy, the authors provide a framework for teaching clients skills to help them anticipate, prevent, and ameliorate symptoms of depression, mania, and hypomania. The text contains blackline masters of reproducible handouts and forms for use with clients.

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Text: 324 pages, Hardcover 15921 $ 99.95
Bipolar Workbook 262 pp paperback 22261 $ 36.95

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Briere, John

~ (2000) is a 40 item, self-report assessment of cognitive distortions used to assess negative thinking patterns that interfere with optimal functioning. Types of cognitive distortion measured are: self-criticism, self-blame, helplessness, hopelessness, and preoccupation with danger.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, and 25 profiles
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: group, 10-15 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 18999 $ 259.95
Manual 19000 $ 89.95
Test booklets pkg/25 19001 $ 114.95
Profile forms pkg/25 19002 $ 69.95

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Beck, Aaron T.

~ (2004) presents a cognitive framework for understanding and treating personality disorders. Part I provides the conceptual, empirical, and clinical foundations of effective work. Part II details the process of cognitive-behavioral therapy for each of the specific disorders.

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Text: 412 pages, Hardcover 16516 $ 94.95

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Kingdon, David & Douglas Turkington

~ (2005) offers psychological treatment techniques to accompany pharmacotherapy of schizophrenia.

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Text: 219 pages, Paperback 16513 $ 69.95

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Anton, William D. & James Reed

~ is a 108-item self-report instrument that identifies adjustment problems experienced by college and university students in 9 areas: anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, interpersonal problems, family problems, academic problems, and career problems.
RANGE: 17-30 years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 20 minutes LEVEL: B

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Introductory kit 10747 $ 249.95
Test booklets pkg/25 10748 $ 89.95
Answer sheets pkg/25 10749 $ 89.95
Manual 12693 $ 89.95

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Derogatis, Leonard R.

~ The Derogatis Psychiatric Rating Scale, formerly known as the Hopkins Psychiatric Rating Scale, is a multidimensional psychiatric rating scale. Designed for use with the SCL-90-R or BSI self-report instruments, the DPRS can help validate patient-reported results. The DPRS enables the clinician to rate his observations of a patient's psychological symptomatic distress on the same nine primary dimensional scales as measured by the SCL-90-R and BSI (Brief Symptom Inventory). The patient can also be rated on eight additional dimensions considered important to accurate clinical assessment.

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DPRS forms pkg/100 10084 $ 154.95

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American Psychiatric Press

~ (2000) is the official A.P.A. diagnostic schema for use in classifying mental disorders. Categories no longer deemed useful have been deleted from the DSM-III-R and other's have been added. A new appendix provides information allowing translation of DSM numeric classifications to ICD classifications (where possible). New Features include: Revised diagnostic criteria, greatly expanded section on substance abuse, new classification and criteria for sleep disorders, reorganization of the multiaxial system (axis I & II), refinement of axis IV to be more clinically useful, revision of Axis V to include current level of overall functioning, revised decision trees, etc.
NOTE: the desk reference cannot be used without the complete text.
Expected Revision 2010

Qty Item description Stock# Price
DSM-IV-TR softcover 10420 $ 149.95
DSM-IV-TR desk reference 10422 $ 64.95
Kit: softcover manual and desk reference 10430 $ 194.95
DSM-IV Case Book 10873 $ 104.95
Clinical Interview I: Fundamentals 10874 $ 99.95
Study Guide to DSM-IV 10875 $ 94.95
DSM-IV-TR Classification Sheets pkg/50 10876 $ 94.95
DSM-IV Case Studies: A Clinical Guide 16158 $ 94.95
DSM-IV Guidebook 16159 $ 109.95
Handbook For Differential Diagnosis 16160 $ 89.95
Clinical interview II: Difficult Patient 16161 $ 99.95
DSM-IV Treatment Companion to Casebook 18875 $ 74.95
Windows Software edition 2-5 users 21757 $ 769.95
Windows Software edition 6-10 users 21758 $ 1419.80
Windows Software edition 11-20 users 21759 $ 1946.30

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Baehr, George and Melany Baehr

~ identifies adjustment problems in clinical settings. Areas measured include: rationalization, inferiority feelings, hostility, depresssion, fear and anxiety, organic reaction, projection, unreality, and withdrawal.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets & 25 score sheets
RANGE: 16+ years
TIME: 20 minutes LEVEL: C

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Kit 21666 $ 219.95
Manual 21667 $ 64.95
Tests pkg/25 21668 $ 559.95
Score sheets pkg/25 21669 $ 64.95

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Eysenck, H.J. and S.B.G. Eysenck

~ (1994) measures three major factors of personality and provides a lie scale to detect response bias. Scales are: Psychoticism or Tough-Mindedness, Extraversion, Neuroticism or Emotionality, and Lie. The Junior EPQ measures Psychoticism, Extraversion, Neuroticism and Lie. The EQP-R Short-form provides the same scales with fewer items per scale.
RANGE: adults (Junior form 7-17 years)
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 10 minutes (Short-form 5 min.) LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
EQP-R test forms pkg/25 2903 $ 29.95
EPQ-R manual 2906 $ 47.95
EPQ-R specimen set 2907 $ 64.95
EPQ-R keys 4039 $ 79.95
EPQ-R test forms pkg/100 14701 $ 114.95
EPQ-R test forms pkg/500 14702 $ 429.95
Junior EPQ tests pkg/25 16955 $ 22.95
Junior EPQ manual 16956 $ 8.75
Junior EPQ keys 16957 $ 23.95
Junior EPQ tests pkg/100 17948 $ 79.95
Junior EPQ tests pkg/500 17949 $ 299.95
Junior EPQ specimen set 19178 $ 14.95
EPQ-R short forms pkg/25 19916 $ 29.95
EPQ-R short manual 19917 $ 47.95
EPQ-R short scoring keys 19918 $ 79.95
EPQ-R short specimen set 19919 $ 64.95

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Holden, Ronald, Ph.D.

~ (1996) is a quick self-report screening tool used to screen for psychopathology. Content includes: psychotic processes, anxiety, somatic preoccupations, inadequate or deviant socialization, impulse control, pessimism, loss of confidence, introversion, and self-deprecation. HPSI consists of 36 five-point Likert-type items).
Kit includes: manual & 25 quickscore forms
RANGE: 14+ years
ADMINSTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 5-7 minutes LEVEL: B

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Complete Kit 15777 $ 144.95
Manual 15778 $ 104.95
Quick Score Forms pkg/25 15779 $ 79.95

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Kiesler, Donald J. and Associates

~ assesses personality by measuring the attitudes and feelings that the person being studied arouses in the respondent. Feelings such as dominance, competition, hostility, inhibition, and distrust are evaluated.
RANGE: 16+ years
TIME: 15 minutes LEVEL: B

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Specimen set 3433 $ 69.95
Permission to reproduce up to 150 copies 3434 $ 279.95
Booklets pkg/25 3435 $ 59.95

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Beutler, L. and M. Berren Eds.

~ (2005) will be useful as a reference book for clinicians or as a text for a graduate course in clinical assessment of personality and implications for treatment of various diagnoses.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 508 pages paperback 16537 $ 59.95

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Loranger, Armand

~ (2001) diagnoses personality disorders using DSM-IV and ICD-10 criteria. The IPDE was developed within the joint program for the diagnosis and classification of mental disorders of the World Health Organization and the US National Institute of Health. A brief screening form is also available.
See also Lorrager's Omni Personality inventory listed separately in this catalog.
RANGE: adults
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 1-2 hours (Screener 15 minutes). LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
DSM-IV Module Kit 19301 $ 369.95
Manual with ICD-10 and DSM-IV Interviews 19302 $ 149.95
DSM-IV Screening Forms pkg/25 19303 $ 99.95
DSM-IV Answer sheets pkg/50 19304 $ 59.95
DSM-IV Scoring Booklets pkg/15 19305 $ 84.95
ICD-10 Module Kit 19306 $ 369.95
ICD-10 Screening forms pkg/25 19307 $ 99.95
ICD-10 Answer sheets pkg/50 19308 $ 59.95
ICD-10 Booklets pkg/15 19309 $ 84.95

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Briere, John Ph.D.

~ is a 63 item self-report measure of psychological functioning. Item content samples difficulties in relatedness, identity and affect control, forming and maintaining meaningful relationships, maintaining a stable sense of personal identity and self-awareness, and tolerating negative affect.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, 50 answer sheets, and 50 profiles.
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 15 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 19095 $ 339.95
Manual 19096 $ 84.95
Reusable Booklets pkg/25 19097 $ 59.95
Answer sheets pkg/50 19098 $ 174.95
Profile forms pkg/50 19099 $ 59.95

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Katz, Martin, Ph.D and W.L. Warren, Ph.D.

~ (1999) helps to determine whether released psychiatric patients need follow-up rehabilitation services. A family member completes the KAS-R in order to provide indication of general behavior, socially expected activities and appropriate use of leisure time. The first 48 items can be used as a short form which takes about 10-15 minutes.
Kit includes: manual, response card, 25 response forms, 2-use disk, and 2 booklets. For those who want to hand score only, purchase just the manual and autoscore forms.
RANGE: adults
TIME: 35-40 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 18112 $ 209.95
Manual 18113 $ 114.95
Autoscore forms/profile sheets pkg/25 18114 $ 74.95
Computer Scoring disk 3.5" (25 uses) 18115 $ 489.95
Booklets (computer scoring only) pkg/50 18116 $ 30.95
Response Card pkg/5 19442 $ 30.95

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Clarkin, John and Mark Lenzenweger Eds.

~ (2005) a multi-author edition that provides comprehensive treatment of the various theories of personality disorder -- cognitive, psychoanalytic, interpersonal, evolutionary, and neurobiological. Authors include Aaron Beck, Otto Kernberg, Lorna Smith Benjamin, Theodore Millon, Richard Depue...

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 464 pges, Paperback 16531 $ 99.95

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Craig, Robert J.

~ is interpretive software (not a scoring program). The user hand-scores the MCMI 2 or 3 and enters BR-scores from the profile into the software. A 5 pp. interpretive report is provided. This report can be edited onscreen and printed, or exported to a wordprocessor. Combined kit includes software and the text: Psychological Assessment with the MCMI-2 (1993). LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
CD ROM unlimited uses (V.2) 10756 $ 1019.20
Combination kit (software & text) V2 18705 $ 1082.90
Text: Psychological Assessment With MCMI 18706 $ 89.95

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Folstein, Marshal MD, Susan Folstein MD, and Paul McHug

~ is a quick measure of cognitive impairment and its severity. The examination screens for the presence of cognitive impairment, estimates severity of impairment, takes a brief of the course of cognitive changes, and documents treatment response.
Kit includes MMSE Clinical Guide, Pocket Norms Card and 50 test forms.
The Computer edition allows unlimited administrations and includes the complete product (requiring no other materials).
RANGE: adults
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 5-10 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Test forms pkg/50 19310 $ 124.95
Kit (50 uses) 19388 $ 289.95
Clinical Guide with Pocket Norms Card 22922 $ 139.95
Pocket Norms Card 22923 $ 20.95
MSRS Starter Kit CD-ROM 23203 $ 559.95

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Pope Ken N., James N. Butcher and Joyce Seelen

~ (2000) is a practical guide for expert witnesses and lawyers. This edition incorporates the extesive research, legislation, and case laws that have emerged as well as otehr developments, such as the test publisher's decion to no longer make the origianl MMPI

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text, 473 pages, Hardcover 10118 $ 139.95

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Graham, John

~ (1999) is a graduate level text including detailed instructions for administering, scoring, and coding the MMPI-2. Chapters include: development, administration and scoring, validity scales, clinical scales, profile configurations, content interpretation, supplementary scales, psychometric considerations, use with special groups, interpretive strategy, computerized administrations, assessing adolescents, and forensic applications. LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 528 pages 8320 $ 184.95

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Greene, Roger, Robert Brown,

~ (2006) is NOT a scoring program. This system interprets MMPI-2 test results (generated by handscoring the test) and relates scores to an interpretive database containing 108 prose passages relating to 1,2, & 3 point code types for the basic scales. Configural interpretation is provided for L,F, & K scales (traditional validity indices). Individual scale interpretation is produced for validity, clinical, supplementary, content, Harris-Lingoes, Weiner-Harmon scales, VRIN & TRIN. T-scores are entered by the user. This software allows unlimited uses. LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Windows CD-ROM and manuals 8433 $ 1201.20
Manual 18608 $ 164.95
Upgrade Version 2 to Version 3 CD with manual 22696 $ 609.95

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Butcher, James

~ (1990) focuses on how the MMPI-2 can provide objective information to both the client and clinician as well as how this information can be used in treatment planning and selection. A procedure for presenting test feedback to clients is illustrated with several clinical

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 208 pages 8016 $ 104.95

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Greene, Roger L.

~ (2000) this text is considered by many to be the best of the available comprehensive works on the clinical use of the MMPI and the interpretation of test results.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 696 pp. 4236 $ 174.95

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Archer, Robert

~ (2005) is a comprehensive text detailing the use of MMPI-A in performing psychological assessment with adolescents.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text:408 pages, 13219 $ 129.95

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Zuckerman, Marvin and Bernard Lubin.

~ measures affects of Anxiety, Depression and Hostility using 132 adjectives under two standardized test sets: In General (Trait), and Today (State). Scales measured are: Anxiety, Depression, Hostility, Positive Affect, Sensation Seeking, and Dysphoria. Both trait and state forms on the new MAACL-R are standardized scales which differentiate patients with affective disorders from other types of patients. Responses to the checklists also provide useful clinical data about mood and affect.
Specimen set includes: manual and 1 copy of all forms
RANGE: high school, college, and adult
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 5 minutes for each form LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Specimen set 2916 $ 54.95
Manual 2918 $ 54.95
Recording forms pkg/25 2920 $ 19.95
Scoring keys 2921 $ 28.95
State Checklists pkg/25 2923 $ 19.95
Trait Checklists pkg/25 2924 $ 19.95
1991 Bibliography 3363 $ 46.95
State Checklists pkg/100 14703 $ 74.95
State Checklists pkg/500 14704 $ 299.95
Trait Checklists pkg/100 14705 $ 74.95
Trait Checklists pkg/500 14706 $ 299.95

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Briere, John, PhD

~ (2003) measures the presence, type and severity of dissociative symptoms such as depersonalization, derealization, psychogenic amnesia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Scales include: disengagement, depersonalization, derealization, emotional constriction, memory disturbance, and identity dissociation.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets & 25 profiles
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 5-10 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21504 $ 249.95
Manual 21505 $ 89.95
Booklets pkg/25 21506 $ 109.95
Profiles pkg/25 21507 $ 64.95

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Loranger, Armand

~ (2001) is an objective measure of DSM-IV Axis II personlity disorder. OMNI assesses normal and abnormal personality traits using a 7-factor model: narcissism, sensation-seeking, neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. The 375-item full version includes a normal range personality component and a psychopathology component. The 210-item OMNI-IV is an abbreviated version which includes only the clinical scales.
OMNI is only computer scored. However, relativbely inexpensive, unlimited-use scoring software is available to users who choose to key in the answers from the booklets. On-screen administrations require that a per-administration fee be paid.
A 12-page interpretive report provides a broad range of information about the examinee's personality characteristics.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, and software
RANGE: 18-79 years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, OMNI 60 minutes; OMNI-IV 35 minutes
Sample Computer Report

Qty Item description Stock# Price
OMNI Complete kit 19474 $ 319.95
OMNI Manual 19477 $ 79.95
OMNI Booklets pkg/25 19479 $ 259.95
OMNI Disk (25 onscreen administrations) 19482 $ 259.95
OMNI-IV Kit Short Form 19483 $ 279.95
OMNI-IV Booklets pkg/25 19484 $ 209.95
OMNI-IV Disk (25 administrations) 19485 $ 209.95

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Wiggins, Jerry, PhD.

~ (2003) is an introduction to adult personality assessment. Part I identifies and examines five major assessment paradigms: psychodynamic, interpersonal, personological, multivariate, and empirical. Part II facilitates comparison of techniques, theories, and interpretations of each paradigm and suggests areas of common ground and integration.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 386 pages, Hardcover 21732 $ 94.95

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Schinka, John

~ facilitates taking of a personal history during intake or as part of an assessment. The checklist is non-normed, and is written at a 7th grade reading level. It can be filled out by the client or practitioner.
RANGE: adults

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Checklist pkg/25 8350 $ 94.95

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Schinka, John A.

~ This series contains three versions: Adult, Adolescent and Children's edition. At each age range there is a Personal Problem Checklist form available to give the client to complete, and a Mental Status Checklist to be completed by a clinician.
The adult PPC assesses: Social, Appearance, Vocational, Family and Home, School, Finances, Religion, Emotions, Sex, Legal, Health and Habits, Attitude, and Crises. The 120-item Adult MSC describes: presenting problems, behaviour/physical description, emotional state, mental status, health & habits, legal issues, living situation, diagnoses, treatment recommendations, disposition. Both versions are suitable for clients aged 18-60 years.
The 240-item Adolescent PPC surveys common problems: Social, Appearance, Job, Family, Home, School, Money, Religion, Emotions, Dating, Health, Attitude and Crises. Suitable for use with clients aged 13-17 years.
The 190-item Children's PPC is completed by a parent or guardian. Areas surveyed are: Emotions, Self-Concept, Peers/Play, School, Language/Thinking, Concentration/Organization, Activity Level/Motor Control, Behavior, Values, Habits and Health. Suitable for use with clients aged 5-12 years.
RANGE: 5+60 years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Adult problem checklist pkg/50 1531 $ 94.95
Adolescent problem checklist pkg/50 3360 $ 94.95
Adult mental status checklist pkg/25 5700 $ 94.95
Adolescent mental status checklst pkg/25 5701 $ 94.95
Child mental status checklist pkg/25 5702 $ 99.95

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Morey, Leslie C.

~ (1991) is a widely used objective test for us in assessing personal problems, psychopathology, and abnormal personality. PAI is widely used to provide data for diagnosis, treatment planning, classification and screening. PAI consists of 344 Likert format items. A profile of 22 scales is produced: 4 validity, 11 clinical, 5 treatment, and 2 interpersonal scales. A critical items list identifies responses to 27 items which exemplify serious problem behaviors or psychopathology.
PAI-Kit includes: manual, 2 booklets, 2 administration folios, 25 answer sheets, 25 profiles, and 25 critical items forms.
PAI can be hand-scored, using the break-apart answer document, or it may be computer-scored. An optional administration clipboard allows paper-pencil administration of the PAI in a waiting room (without the need for desk-space).
Scoring software offers unlimited uses if responses are key-entered into the software by the clinician from an examinee's completed answer sheet. If the test is administered on-screen, a per-administration fee is charged. The narrative report is approximately 14 pp. in length, and provides a thorough and accurate workup of results.
A short-form of the test (PAS) is available for screening purposes or for use in research. PAS-Kit includes Manual and 25 hand score Forms.
Software kit includes: Software for both PAI & PAS, 25 PAI booklets, 25 PAS booklets, 5 PAI and 5 PAS on-screen administrations.
If purchasing the software kit, the PAI/PAS manual (item #10042) is required and must be purchased separately.
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: group, 60 minutes
Sample Computer Report

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Comprehensive Kit 10040 $ 599.95
PAI Manual - 2nd ed. (2006) 10042 $ 144.95
Hardcover reusable booklet (each) 10043 $ 74.95
Softcover booklets pkg/10 10044 $ 84.95
Answer sheets pkg/25 (self-scoring) 10045 $ 104.95
Adult profile forms - revised pkg/25 10046 $ 84.95
College profile forms pkg/25 10047 $ 84.95
Adult answer/profile forms - revised pkg/25 10048 $ 149.95
Critical items form - revised pkg/25 10050 $ 84.95
Interpretive guide 14753 $ 144.95
Casebook & Structural summary Guide kit (incl 18619 $ 299.95
Structural summary booklets pkg/25 18621 $ 69.95
Administration CD Rom 18622 $ 99.95
PAI-SP Software Kit (PAI, PAS, PAI-IE) CD-ROM 19089 $ 1319.50
PAI-Software item/response booklets pkg/25 19090 $ 104.95
PAI Software (25 administrations) 19091 $ 199.95
Spanish booklets pkg/10 19491 $ 89.95
Spanish Answer sheets pkg/25 19492 $ 104.95
Administration clip-board 21185 $ 64.95
PAS-Software Item Response sheets pkg/25 22669 $ 69.95
PAS-OnScreen Administrations (50 Uses) 22670 $ 179.95
PAS Manual 22671 $ 89.95
Casebook hardcover 2007 22907 $ 109.95
PAI-A Kit 22937 $ 539.95
PAI-A Manual 22938 $ 129.95
PAI-A Reusable Item Booklet 22939 $ 59.95
PAI-A Soft Cover Item Booklets pkg/10 22940 $ 64.95
PAI-A Form HS-A Answer Sheets pkg/25 22941 $ 89.95
PAI-A Profile Forms pkg/25 22942 $ 64.95
PAI-A Critical Items Forms pad/25 22943 $ 54.95
PAI-A Administration Folio 22944 $ 59.95
PAI-A HS-A Answer Sheets & Profile Forms pkg/ 22945 $ 144.95
PAI-A Software Kit 23113 $ 989.95
PAI-A On Screen Administrations (25 users) 23114 $ 174.95
PAI-A On Screen Administrations (50 users) 23115 $ 319.95
PAI-A Software Item/Response Booklets pkg/25 23116 $ 84.95
PAI-SP Software Conversion CD 23378 $ 94.95
PAI-CS Software CD (incl 25 uses) 23382 $ 419.95
PAI-CS 25 additional uses) 23383 $ 229.95

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Widiger, T. et al

~ is a semistructured interview for assessing the 10 personality disorders and 2 proposed disorders of DSM-IV Axis-II. The Disorders booklet arranges diagnostic criteria by personality disorder. The Thematic Content Areas Booklet organizes diagnostic criteria by theme. The Score Summary Booklet helps the clinician to summarize responses and plot a profile. The PDI-IV text includes 17 chapters which present questions for the assessment of each of the 94 diagnostic criteria, as well as history/issues/problems encountered with each.
Kit includes: PDI-IV text, 2 interview booklets, and 10 profile booklets
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 2 hours LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 11129 $ 279.95
Text 11130 $ 119.95
Personality Disorders Interview Booklet 11131 $ 29.95
Thematic Content Areas Interview Booklet 11132 $ 29.95
Summary and Profile Booklets pkg/10 11133 $ 59.95

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Kay, Stanley; Lewis Opler & A Fisbein

~ uses an interview-format to assesses presence and severity of schizophrenia. Scales are: positive and negative syndrome, depression, composite index, and general psychopathology. The Informant Questionnaire (IQ-PANSS) provides a method of evaluating phenomenological presentation based on information from colarteral informants. IQ ensures that information related to behavioural presence, frequency, and the patient's responsiveness is obtained during interviews with family members, health care providers, or other informants.
Kit includes: manual, 25 answer sheets, 25 structured clinical forms, & 25 informant questionnaire forms
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 30-40 minutes

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Complete kit 15788 $ 349.95
Manual 15789 $ 84.95
Answer sheets pkg/25 15790 $ 84.95
Structured Clinical Interview Forms /25 15791 $ 139.95

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McNair, Douglas M. et al

~ measures dimensions of affect or mood and assesses psychiatric outpatients and their responses to various therapeutic approaches. The 30-item brief form and the 65-item regular edition consist of adjectives describing feelings and moods to which the client responds according to a five-point scale. Scales are: tension-anxiety, depression-dejection, anger-hostility, vigor-activity, fatigue-inertia, confusion-bewilderment. Two forms of the POMS are available. The POMS-Bi offers bipolar scales such that low scores may be interpreted as well as high scores on POMS scales. POMS has been widely used in research.
Standard Kit includes: Technical Update & 25 Standard Forms
Bipolar Kit includes Technical Update, POMS-Bipolar Supplement, and 25 Bipolar Forms
RANGE: 18+ years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Technical Update & Bipolar Supp. Manual 21572 $ 74.95
Bipolar Supplement Manual 21578 $ 31.95
Standard self-scoring forms pkg/25 21867 $ 54.95
Brief self-scoring forms pkg/25 21869 $ 54.95
BiPolar self-scoring forms pkg/25 21871 $ 54.95
Standard Kit 21873 $ 99.95
Bipolar Kit 21874 $ 109.95
Manual,Tech Update & Bipolar Supplement 21875 $ 79.95
POMS Bibliography 22976 $ 104.95

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Zimmerman, Mark, M.D.

~ (2003) is a brief intake screen for the DSM-IV Axis I disorders most commonly encountered in medical and outpatient mental-health settings. PDSQ is intended to be administered prior to an initial diagnostic interview. Scales include: major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, psychosis, bulimia/binge-eating disorder, somatization disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, hypochondriasis, and agoraphobia.
Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, 25 summary sheets, and Follow-up interview guides on CD
RANGE: 18-82 years
ADMINISTRATION: group, 15 minutes LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 21379 $ 209.95
Booklets pkg/25 21380 $ 79.95
Summary sheets pkg/100 21381 $ 54.95
Manual 21382 $ 94.95

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~ (1978) is a 130, true-false questionnaire which screens for emotional status and psychopathology. The following scales are provided: alienation, defensiveness, discomfort, expression and social nonconformity.
Kit includes: manual, 25 question/answer sheets, 25 profiles & scoring key
RANGE: 16+ years
ADMINSITRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 15 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 1614 $ 144.95
25 question/answer sheets & 25 profiles 1615 $ 104.95
Scoring templates 1617 $ 79.95
Manual 1618 $ 46.95

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Johnson, Sheri, Ph.D., and Robert Leahy, Ph.D.

~ (2003) presents a range of effective psychosocial treatment approaches. Topics include: cognitive, family-focused, group, and interpersonal and social rhythm therapies.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 340 pages, paperback 21682 $ 48.95

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Exner, John E.

~ (1994) is a widely used 3 volume series on standardized Rorschach interpretation. Exner's system is very thorough, and provides perhaps the best avilable standardized method of interpreting responses to Rorschach's ink-blots. It has been criticized by some (who favor an ad hoc method), as being too lengthy.
Volume I Basic Foundations consists of: the nature of the Rorschach, administration and scoring, decisions and procedures, etc.
Volume II Current Research and Advanced Interpretation contains: foundations of interpretation, special issues of diagnosis and description and treatment planning and evaluation.
Volume III Assessment of Children and Adolescents contains: Rorschach and the younger client, normative data and the interpretive process, new research and interpretation, etc.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: volume II, 496 pages 4531 $ 184.95
Text: volume I, 672 pages 4532 $ 184.95
Text: volume III, 448 pages 4802 $ 184.95
Three Volume Set 16163 $ 509.95

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~ The original ten plates used with Rorschach's technique are listed below.
Locator forms depict the ten psychodiagnostic plates in miniature for recording purposes. Unfortunately, Rorschach did not write a manual for his technique. However, the Exner system for scoring Rorschach's test is listed in a separate chapter containing texts on psychological assessment.
Exner summary blanks provide a form for Exner's system of scoring, tabulating and calculating variables from responses. Each summary blank includes a Locator form.
Kit includes 1 set of plates, 100 location/summary forms, and 25 record booklet/summary forms
RANGE: all ages
TIME: untimed LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Locator forms pad/100 (colour) 1710 $ 89.95
Record Booklet and Summary Forms pkg/25 1711 $ 59.95
Frequency Tables for Scoring, 274 pages 6816 $ 134.95
Psychodiagnostic plates (set of 10) 7003 $ 209.95
Kit 7004 $ 329.95

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Exner, John E. & Karen Tuttle

~ (2003) is based on Dr. Exner's Fifth Edition of "A Rorschach Workbook for the Comprehensive System" and Dr. Weiner's "Principles of Rorschach Interpretation". This program assists clinicians with scoring and interpreting Rorschach results and provides a simplified version of the interpretive report that can be given directly to the client.
RIAP 5 FE is an addition to the RIAP 5 It provides the new forensic report
RANGE: 5-70 years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
RIAP-5 software & unlimited use CD-ROM 10750 $ 1228.50
RIAP-4 to RIAP-5 Upgrade Only 10753 $ 509.95
RIAP 5 FE Forensic Report-upgrade 21975 $ 599.95
Rorschach Response Recording Forms pad/50 22908 $ 47.95

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Ulett, George, M.D.

~ is designed to give a simple, methodical approach to scoring and interpretation of the Rorschach, however, one should also be familiar with one of the standard Rorschach scoring systems.
Kit includes: manual, 3 cards, 25 answer sheets, and 25 record booklets and summary forms

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 13253 $ 199.95
Manual 18056 $ 99.95
Self-scoring forms pkg/25 18057 $ 69.95
Record booklet/summary form pkg/25 18058 $ 59.95

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Exner, John E.

~ (2001) allows clinicians familiar with Exner's system to quickly calculate structural summary scores and ratios for the Exner Comprehensive System. This edition contains the expanded form quality table.

Kit includes: priner for rorschach interpretation, workbook, 100 structural summary forms, pocket guide

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 122 pages 10752 $ 43.95
Exner's Rorschach Kit 23319 $ 329.95
Rorschach Structural Summary Blanks pkg/100 - 23320 $ 89.95
Rorschach Workbook for the Comprehensive Syst 23321 $ 114.95

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Blaum, Davidson, and Fieldsteel

~ a valuable instructional device for students and teachers of Rorschach. It offers well organized and outlined exercises.

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Text: 8357 $ 64.95

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Clark, Lee Anna

~ is a self-report test composed of 375 true/false items designed to assess trait dimensions in the domain of personalty disorders.
Kit includes: manual, 10 booklets, 100 answer sheets, 25 profiles, 25 diagnostic profiles, and scoring keys
ADMINISTRATION: individual or group
RANGE: 18+ years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Manual 19024 $ 35.95
Booklets pkg./10 19025 $ 23.95
Answer sheets pkg./100 19026 $ 35.95
Scoring keys 19027 $ 134.95
Profile forms pkg./25 19028 $ 11.95
Profile forms Diagnostic pkg./25 19029 $ 11.95
Starter kit 19030 $ 179.95

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Brown, Larry & Michael Unger

~ is designed to identify themes underlying concerns and specific areas of distress. It consists of 8 self-report forms, each with 50 content valid sentence stems pertaining to specific areas of concern: Adult, Adolescent, Family, Marriage, Parenting, Work, Illness, and Aging.
Kit includes: user's guide and 15 of each form
RANGE: 16+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 10-45 minutes per form LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Introductory Kit 15911 $ 169.95
Adult forms pkg/50 15912 $ 84.95
Adolescent forms pkg/50 15914 $ 84.95
Family forms pkg/50 15915 $ 84.95
Marriage forms pkg/50 15916 $ 84.95
Parenting forms pkg/50 15917 $ 84.95
Work forms pkg/50 15918 $ 84.95
Illness forms pkg/50 15919 $ 84.95
Aging forms pkg/50 15920 $ 84.95

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Weissmann, Myrna, Ph.D.

~ (1999) is a 42 item assessment measuring one's ability to adapt and derive satisfaction from their social roles. Areas assessed are: work, social and leisure activities, relations with extended family, primary relationship, parenthood, family life and economic roles.
French and Spanish forms are available.
Kit includes: manual, 10 booklets & 25 answer sheets
RANGE: 17+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 20 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 18015 $ 269.95
Manual 18016 $ 144.95
Question Booklets pkg/10 18017 $ 74.95
Quickscore Forms pkg/25 18018 $ 74.95
Screener Assessment forms pk./25 22966 $ 74.95
Short & Screener forms kit 22967 $ 299.95
Short form booklets pkg./10 22968 $ 69.95
Short response forms pkg./25 22969 $ 74.95
Short & Screener Manual (separately) 22970 $ 79.95
French ed. booklets pkg./10 22971 $ .00
French ed. QuickScore forms 22972 $ .00
Spanish ed. QuickScore forms 22973 $ .00
Spanish Item bklts. pkg./10 22974 $ 59.95

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Lubin, Bernard

~ originally published as the Depression Adjective Check Lists, this measure consists of 7 alternate checklists of adjectives and a Trait Mood scale. Forms 1 & 2 each contain both a State List and a Trait List of adjectives, allowing administration of both the State Mood and Trait Mood scales using a single form. Equivalent Forms A & B and C & D are designed to provide repeated measures of depressed mood over days or weeks.
Kit includes manual, 25 forms 1 & 2, 25 forms A & B, 25 Forms C & D and 25 Profile Forms
ADMIN: group, 3 minutes
RANGE: 14 - 89 years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Specimen Set 3455 $ 54.95
Manual 3456 $ 54.95
Profile forms pkg/25 3457 $ 14.95
Check List Form 1 & 2 pkg/25 3458 $ 19.95
Check List Form A & B pkg/25 3459 $ 19.95
Check List Form C & D pkg/25 3460 $ 19.95

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First, M. et al

~ (1997) is a set of 2 structured interview booklets (64 pp.) used to classify individuals in terms of axis I and axis II of the DSM-IV. Researchers may use one of the interviews to select, exclude, or characterize subjects. Clinicians or those training to assess psychopathology according to the DSM-IV nosology may use SCID-I for determining the Axis I diagnosis which best describes a subject. SCID-II is used in evaluating DSM-IV personality disorders as well as self-defeating personality (which is not in DSM-IV). The SCID-D is used for assessing dissociative disorders and is based on DSM-IV criteria.
Sets include: user's guide, admin. booklet, and 5 answer booklets
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, all ages LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
SCID-I Set (manual, test- Booklet, pk/5 Scori 7567 $ 319.95
SCID-I Scoring Booklets pkg/5 7570 $ 109.95
SCID-II Set (manual, bklt, scoring bklts & pe 17173 $ 164.95
SCID-II Booklets pkg/5 17174 $ 99.95
SCID-I User's Guide 18623 $ 149.95
SCID-I Admin Book 18624 $ 74.95
SCID-II User's Guide 18626 $ 104.95
SCID-D-R Manual & pkg./5 bklts 22673 $ 189.95
SCID-D-R bklts.pkg./5 22674 $ 89.95

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Trull, Timothy & Thomas Widiger

~ is a semistructured interview assessing 5 bipolar personality scales which make up the authors' Five-Factor Model. The approach identifies salient personality traits and then assesses the extent to which the traits are maladaptive within the individual's social, occupational and personal contex. SIFFM is comprised of 120, 3-point items (rated 0-2).
Kit includes: manual and 25 booklets
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 60 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Introductory Kit 15809 $ 249.95
Professional Manual 15810 $ 84.95
Interview booklets pkg/25 15811 $ 174.95

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Strategic Advantages, Inc.

~ (1999) uses a 5 point level-of-severity scale to measure: anxiety, hostility, obsessive-compulsivity, phobic anxiety, somatization, depression, interpersonal sensitivity, paranoid ideation and psychoticism. The computer program can be administered online.
RANGE: 13+ years
TIME: 10 minutes LEVEL: B

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Kit 18011 $ 144.95
Technical Manual 18012 $ 99.95
Quickscore forms pkg/25 18013 $ 59.95

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Derogatis, Len

~ measures progress or outcome by screening for psychological problems measuring nine primary symptom dimensions and three global indices of distress. The symptoms measured are: somatization, obsessive-compulsive, interpersonal sensitivity, depression, anxiety, hostility, phobic anxiety, paranoid ideation, psychoticism, global severity index, positive symptom distress index, and a positive symptom total.
The SCL-90 Analogue takes 1-3 minutes to complete and provides a brief standardized method for collecting observer data on a patient's psychologicalsymtomatic distress.
(2005) New Style answer sheets and keys
Kit includes: Manual, 50 Answer Sheets, 50 Profiles, 2 Worksheets, Keys and Bibliography
RANGE: 13+ years
ADMINISTRATION: group, 12-15 minutes

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Non-patient Adult Starter Kit 5932 $ 199.95
Non-patient Adolescent Starter Kit 10241 $ 199.95
Out-patient Psychiatric Starter Kit 10242 $ 199.95
In-patient Psychiatric Starter Kit 10243 $ 199.95
Question/Answer Sheets pkg/50 10244 $ 94.95
Non-patient Adult Profiles pkg/50 10245 $ 43.95
Non-patient Adolescent Profiles pkg/5 10246 $ 43.95
Out-patient Psychiatric Profiles pkg/50 10247 $ 43.95
In-patient Psychiatric Profiles pkg/50 16936 $ 43.95
Administration Audiocassette 16938 $ 99.95
Analogue Forms pkg/100 17667 $ 79.95
Manual 19996 $ 64.95
Answer Keys 19997 $ 44.95

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Murray, H.

~ (1947) is a projective test set of picture cards which has a long history of use in mental status examination. The set includes stimulus cards, manual and 1 reproducible record form. The manual sets forth Murray's rationale for analyzing TAT stories and method of scoring. It includes brief discussion of problems of interpretation.
Kit includes TAT Standard set of 31 Picture cards, Manual and 50 Short Form TAT & CAT Analysis Blamks
RANGE: 4 + years of age
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 2 Sessions of 1 hour each LEVEL: C

Qty Item description Stock# Price
TAT Kit 22237 $ 209.95
Short Form TAT & CAT Analysis Blanks/25 22238 $ 43.95
Picture Cards and Manual - set of 31 22914 $ 149.95

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Welsh, George S.

~ is a nonverbal, visually oriented personality measure incorporating the Barron-Welsh Art Scale. This test consists of 400 black-and-white figures to which the subject responds "like" or "dislike". Scales include: like, don't like, repeat, conformance, origence, intelligence, female response, movement, figure-ground reversal and sex-symbol male and female.
RANGE: 16+ years

Qty Item description Stock# Price
Specimen set 2150 $ 69.95
Permission to reproduce up to 150 copies 2151 $ 279.95

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