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Coopersmith, Stanley

~ (1981) measures attitudes toward self in social, academic and personal contexts. CSEI is one of the most widely used self-esteem measures in academic research. In clinical or classroom settings it can also be used for individual diagnosis, classroom screening and program evaluation. There is a separate adult-form and school-ages form.
RANGE: 8+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group, 10 minutes

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Specimen set 439 $ 69.95
School form scoring keys 440 $ 22.95
Adult form scoring keys 441 $ 22.95
School item booklets pkg/25 442 $ 59.95
Adult item booklets pkg/25 443 $ 59.95
School Form Permission to reproduce 150 17937 $ 279.95
Adult Form Permission to reproduce 150 18468 $ 279.95

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Battle, James

~ (2002) measures self-esteem using three self-report inventories: Primary, Intermediate and Adolescent. The Intermediate and Adolescent Forms provide self-esteem scores in four areas: academic, general, parental/home, and social. The Adolescent form also measures personal self-esteem.
Kit includes: manual 50 primary forms, 50 intermediate response forms, 50 intermediate profile/scoring forms, 50 adolescent response forms, and 50 adolescent profile/scoring forms.
RANGE: 6-18 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 15-20 minutes LEVEL: B

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CFSEI-3 Complete kit 19332 $ 349.95
CFSEI-3 Manual 19333 $ 99.95
CFSEI-3 Primary record forms pkg/50 19334 $ 59.95
CFSEI-3 Intermediate record forms pkg/50 19335 $ 59.95
CFSEI-3 Intermediate profiles pkg/50 19336 $ 59.95
CFSEI-3 Adolescent record forms pkg/50 19337 $ 59.95
CFSEI-3 Adolescent profiles pkg/50 19338 $ 59.95

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Michael, William B.

~ measures non-cognitive factors associated with self-esteem in a school setting to identify students who can be expected to experience difficulty due to poor self concept. Areas measured are: Level of Aspiration, Anxiety, Academic Interest & Satisfaction, Leadership & Initiative and Identification versus Alienation. The DOSC-W measures job performance and achievement for adult workers in employment settings.
RANGE: E-grades 4-6; S-grades 7-12; H-College; W-employed adults
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 20-40 minutes LEVEL: B

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Test forms (specify level) pkg/25 5352 $ 21.95
Manual 5357 $ 9.25
Profiles (specify level) pkg/25 5362 $ 10.95
Specimen set 5372 $ 16.95
Test forms (specify level) pkg/100 16835 $ 79.95
Test forms (specify level) pkg/500 16836 $ 299.95
DOSC-W forms pkg/25 19912 $ 26.95
DOSC-W profiles pkg/25 19913 $ 9.65
DOSC-W manual 19914 $ 8.75
DOSC-W specimen set 19915 $ 15.95

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Borba, Michelle

~ Uses a skill building approach to the five essential building blocks of self esteem. Complete kit contains manuals and reproducible activity sheets for use in reinforcing students to view themselves as capable human beings.

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Complete Kit 14917 $ 849.95

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Joseph, Jack

~ (2006) provides a standardized method for non-verbal assessment of self-concept in young children. The tests quickly identifies children whose negative self-appraisals put them at risk for academic and behavioral difficulties. The technique is quick and can be used either diagnostically or as a screen. The picture response format requires no reading.
Children are shown pairs of illustrations representing common self-appraisal situations and are asked to choose between a picture representing positive self-concept and another representing negative self-concept. For example, one picture might show a youngster being disciplined, and the other a youngster being praised. The examiner asks the child to indicate which of the two illustrated situations happens to him or her most frequently. The child may simply point.
The complete scale consists of two forms: the Young Child Interview (Form Y, 21-items), used to assess children ages 3-0 to 7-11; and the Older Child Interview (Form O, 30-items), designed for children ages 7-0 to 13-11. Each form includes its own Stimulus Booklets, Light-Skin and Dark-Skin versions, which contain picture pairs for both boys and girls. Form Y includes 21 items, while Form O includes 30 items.
Time 5-10 minutes
ADMINISTRATION: individual, 6 minutes.
RANGE: 3-13 years.

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Kit for Younger Children 22796 $ 369.95
Kit for Older Children 22797 $ 229.95
Manual 22798 $ 84.95
Form Y Autoscore Form pkg/20 22799 $ 74.95
Form O Autoscore Form pkg/20 22800 $ 74.95
Form Y Stimulus Booklet Light skinned version 22801 $ 119.95
Form Y Stimulus Booklet Dark skinned version 22802 $ 119.95
Form O Stimulus Booklet Light skinned version 22803 $ 54.95
Form O Stimulus Booklet Dark skinned version 22804 $ 54.95

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Joseph, Jack

~ screens and measures social-emotional development in children who, due to negative self-appraisals, may experience learning problems or develop other adjustment difficulties. The child draws a picture of his or her own face then responds to a series of questions. The JPPSST derives self-concept regarding feelings of significance and competence, as well as the level of satisfaction with these perceptions.
Kit includes: manual, stimulus cards, identity drawings set & 50 record forms
RANGE: 3.5-9 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 6 minutes LEVEL: B

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Complete kit 944 $ 319.95
Student record forms pkg/50 945 $ 64.95
Laminated stimulus cards (28) 946 $ 169.95
Manual 947 $ 54.95
Identity drawings (50 boys & 50 girls) 3240 $ 74.95

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Bracken, Bruce A.

~ (1994) provides a global self-concept measure, which can be subdivided into six distinct, normed scales: Social, Competence, Affect, Academic, Family and Physical. The MSCS correlates very strongly with other measures of self-concept and self-esteem and identifies clients previously identified as being low in self-concept. The manual contains validity studies.
Kit includes: manual and 50 record booklets
RANGE: 9-19 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 20 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 9661 $ 209.95
Manual /Specimen Set 9662 $ 104.95
Record booklets pkg/50 9663 $ 114.95

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O'Brien, E. and S. Epstein.

~ (1988) is a self-report measure of self-concept and self-esteem. Part 1 consists of a 5-point scale on which respondents report the accuracy of the 61 statements about themselves. In Part 2, they report "frequency of experience" concerning 55 additional items. Global self-esteem is measured, as well as eight component scales: Competence, Lovability, Likability, Personal Power, Self-Control, Moral Self-Approval, Body Appearance, and Body Functioning.
Kit includes: manual, 25 test booklets, 50 rating forms, and 50 profiles
RANGE: adults
ADMINISTRATION: Individual, 15-30 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 11181 $ 329.95
Manual 11182 $ 43.95
Booklets pkg/25 11183 $ 64.95
Rating Forms pkg/25 11184 $ 69.95
Profile Forms pkg/25 11185 $ 54.95

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Piers, Ellen V. and Dale B. Harris

~ (1996) consists of 80, yes-no items evaluates the child's psychological health based on their perceptions. The PHCSCS-2 covers the following subscales: physical appearance and attributes, anxiety, intellectual and school status, behavior, happiness and satisfaction and popularity.
Kit includes: manual, & 40 forms,
RANGE: grades 4-12
TIME: 20 minutes LEVEL: B

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PHCSCS-2 self-scoring booklets pkg/20 4270 $ 79.95
PHCSCS-2 Manual 4272 $ 114.95
Computer answer sheets pad/100 18579 $ 30.95
Windows scoring disk (25 use) 21290 $ 539.95
PHCSCS-2 kit 21594 $ 219.95
CD (windows 98,ME,2000 & XP) 25 uses 22260 $ 539.95

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Brown, Linda and Jacquelyn Alexander

~ (1991) is an 80 item, 4-point Likert format, measure of the way that individuals perceive and value themselves. Four subscales are: Academic Competence, Family Acceptance, Peer Popularity, and Personal Security.
Kit includes: manual, 50 response booklets, and 50 record forms
RANGE: 7-18 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 30 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 7521 $ 279.95
Examiner's manual 7522 $ 94.95
Student response booklets pkg/50 7523 $ 74.95
Profile & record forms pkg/50 7524 $ 74.95

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Fitts, William H.

~ (1996) consists of 2 separate scales; adults and children. The children's form consists of 72 self-descriptive statements. The adult form consists of 82 items. Examinees rate themselves on a scale of 1 (completely false) to 5 (completely true). Scales are: physical, moral, personal, family, academic, total self-concept, conflict, identity, satisfaction, behavior, inconsistent responding, self-criticism, faking good, and response distribution. The first 20 items on eiher version serve as a short form.
Kit includes: manual, 12 adult & 12 children answer sheets, and a 2-use disk
RANGE: 7-90 years Child: Ages 7-14 Adult: Ages 14-90
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group, 10-20 minutes LEVEL: B

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Manual 1910 $ 119.95
Adult Score forms pkg/25 1911 $ 89.95
Children's score forms pkg/25 1912 $ 89.95
Text: Self concept and delinquency 1917 $ 22.95
Text: Interpersonal competence 1918 $ 22.95
Text: Self concept and actualization 1919 $ 22.95
Text: Self concept and psychopathology 1920 $ 22.95
Text: Self concept and performance 1921 $ 22.95
Text: Correlates of the self concept 1922 $ 22.95
Text: Self concept and behavior 1923 $ 22.95
Kit 20171 $ 209.95

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