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Eating Disorder Materials


Garner, David, Olstead and J. Polivy

~ (2004) is a 91 item, self-report instrument designed to assess a broad range of meaningful psychological and behavioral traits common in anorexia nervosa and bulimia. The EDI-3 consists of 12 primary scales, consiting of 3 eating disorder specific scales and 9 general psycholgocial scales. Composite scales include: eating disorder risk, ineffectiveness, interpersonal problems, affective problems, overcontrol, and general psychological maladjustment. The Referral Form (EDI-3 RF) is used to identify at-risk individuals. New to this edition include: a new referral form, expanded manual, clinical norms, updated profiles, and a new symptom checklist. The unlimited use scoring software generates a detailed individualized score report wit raw scores for all scales.
Kit includes: manual, referral form manual, 25 item booklets, 25 profiles, 25 answer sheets, 25 symptom checklists & 25 referral forms.
Referral Form Kit includes: Referral manual, 25 referral forms
RANGE: females 13+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 20 minutes LEVEL: B

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EDI-3 Kit 535 $ 489.95
EDI-3 Manual 536 $ 124.95
EDI-3 Profile forms pkg/25 537 $ 54.95
EDI-3 Answer sheets pkg/25 538 $ 89.95
EDI-3 Test booklets pkg/25 539 $ 74.95
EDI-3 Symptom checklists pkg/25 540 $ 79.95
EDI-3 Scoring Program CD-ROM 10416 $ 489.95
EDI-3 Referral Form Kit 23194 $ 109.95
EDI-3 Referral Form Manual 23195 $ 40.95
EDI-3 Referral Forms pkg/25 23196 $ 79.95

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O'Donnell, W.E.

~ (2004) is an 80 item self-report questionnaire. The inventory focuses on habits, thoughts and attitudes related to obesity. OQ provides 10 scores: Overeating, Undereating, Craving, Expectations about eating, Rationalizations, Health Habits, Body image, Social Isolation, Affective Disturbance, Motivation to lose weight.
Kit includes manual & 25 autoscore forms.
RANGE: 9 years-adult
Administration: Group or individual:
TIME:20 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 22036 $ 174.95
Autoscore answer sheets pk/25 22037 $ 79.95
Manual 22038 $ 104.95
Computer scoring disk, 25 uses 22039 $ 509.95
Answer shhet for use with PC pkg/100 22664 $ 30.95

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