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Traumatic Stress Assessment & Rehabilitation Materials


Wilson, John P. and Terrence M. Keane eds.

~ (2004) is a comprehensive textbook divided into 3 sections: Assessing Traumatic Stress Syndromes, Assessing Traumatic Reactions among Victim and Survivor Populations, and Assessing Traumatic Reactions, Dissociation, and PTSD.

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Text: 668 pages, Hardcover 14168 $ 129.95

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Bruns, Daniel, M Disorbio, J. Copeland

~ (2003) provides information for the assessment and treatment planning for people with injuries and measures the impact of physical, environmental, and psychological factors on treatment and recovery. New scales include: survivor of violence, functional complaints, defensiveness, and self-disclosure. The BHI-2 can only be scored by using Microtest Q software or by using the mailing-in for scoring service.
(Minimum purchase for reposts is 5
RANGE: 18-65 years
TIME: 30-40 minutes

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Manual 15835 $ 144.95
MTQ answer sheets pkg/25 15836 $ 64.95
Audiocassette 17664 $ 159.95
MTQ profile report 21719 $ 64.95
MTQ Intrepretive report 21720 $ 59.95
Enhanced Interpretive report 21721 $ 69.95
Mail-in profile report 21722 $ 36.95
Mail-in enhanced interpretive report 21723 $ 74.95

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Roessler, Richard T & Rubin, Standford E

~ (2006) reviews the finer points relating to diagnosing, arranging services, monitoring program outcomes, arranging for placement, planning for accommodations, ethical decision making, dealing with multicultural issues, and managing caseloads. The text is suitable as a reference for practicing professionals or for teaching graduate students.
New to the 4th ed. are expanded sections on multicultural considerations, family involvement, and making accommodations in the workplace. The reader gains an understanding of counseling and case management skills, as well as familiarity with job restructuring and workplace accommodations.

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Text 22467 $ 79.95

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Weathers, Frank et al

~ (2004) was developed at the U.S. National Centre for PTSD. It is a structured interview comprised of 30 questions which are useful in screening or identification of ASD or PTSD. The interview covers: Re-experiencing, Avoidance and numbing, Hyperarousal, Trauma-related guilt, Dissociation, Subjective distress, Functional Impairment, Onset, Duration, Symptom Severity, Symptom improvement, Response Validity.
Kit includes 10 interview booklets (each booklet includes a life events checklist), interviewer's guide and technical manual
RANGE: 16+ years
TIME: 25-45 minutes


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Kit: 22024 $ 219.95
Interview Booklets pkg/10 22254 $ 79.95
Interviewer's Guide (reusable) 22255 $ 64.95
Technical Manual 22256 $ 99.95

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~ (2006) was developed at the National Center for PTSD and the UCLA Trauma Psychiatry Program. Like its counterpart for adults (CAPS -- listed separately in this catalog), this semistructured interview supports screening, differential diagnosis, confirmation of a PTSD or ASD diagnosis.
CAPS-CA consists of 36 items that target DSM-IV criteria without leading the respondent. The items assess frequency and intensity of 17 PTSD symptoms and their impact on developmental, social, and academic functioning. there are several scoring options. E.G. there is a protocol for assessing Criterion A (the diagnostic requirement that the child or adolescent has experienced at least one traumatic event involving both life threat or serious injury and an overwhelming emotional response). The scale also includes 17-item Life-events checklist that can help identify precipitating traumatic events.
ADMINISTRATION: individual, 45 minutes
RANGE: 8-15 years

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Kit 22782 $ 194.95
Technical Manual for CAPS & CAPS-CA 22783 $ 84.95
Interview Booklet with life events checklist 22784 $ 69.95
Interviewers Guide (Reusable) 22785 $ 59.95

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Davison, Johathan, M.D.

~ is a 17 item self-report used to measure posttraumatic stress disorder which is designed to cover all types of trauma including: accident, combat, sexual, criminal assault, natural disaster, torture, burns, loss of property, near death experience, and bereavement.
Kit includes: manual & 25 forms
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 10 minutes LEVEL: B

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Manual 15817 $ 114.95
Forms pkg/25 15818 $ 74.95
Kit 17662 $ 169.95

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Briere, John, Ph.D.

~ (2001) assesses trauma exposure and symptoms of posttraumatic stress. Areas assessed include: reexperiencing, avoidance, hyperarousal, trauma-specific dissociation, suicidality, and substance abuse.
Kit includes: manual, 10 booklets, 50 answer sheets & 50 profiles.
IR Kit includes: Software with 5 Bonus Onscreen administrations, onscreen software manual. Unlimited scoring and report generation when using responses from paper and pencil form.
RANGE: 18+ years
ADMINISTRATION: Group, 20-30 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 19296 $ 369.95
Manual 19297 $ 79.95
Booklets pkg/10 19298 $ 64.95
Answer sheets pkg/50 19299 $ 189.95
Male/Female Profiles pkg/50 19300 $ 69.95
Interpretive Report Kit CD-ROM 23190 $ 689.95
DAPS/DAPS-IR Combination Kit 23191 $ 1037.40
Counter Serial Number - 25 Administrations 23192 $ 149.95
Counter Serial Number - 50 Administrations 23193 $ 269.95

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Carlson, Eve and Frank Putnam

~ is a brief self-report measure of the frequency of dissociative experiences.
Folder includes: manual, reference lists & 5 forms
RANGE: 10+ years

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Adult Folder 21184 $ 24.95
Adolescent Folder 21853 $ 24.95

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~ contains a set of special utensils useful in devising strategies that will enable movement impaired clients to feed themselves.

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Kit 13152 $ 299.95

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~ is a set of six 6 different sized stainless steel goniometers that comes in a padded case. Includes: 8", 180 degrees; 14", 180 degrees; 14", 360 degrees; 5.5" finger & x-ray & pocket goniometers.

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Set of 6 goniometers in case 13112 $ 449.95

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Power, Paul W.

~ (2006) provides an explanation of the varied approadhes of vocational assessment, as applied to a wide variety of clients who have physical or mental disabilities. Case studies are included.

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Text: & Workbook 3879 $ 114.95

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Hyman, Snook, Berna, DuCette, and Kohr.

~ is a self-report questionnaire designed to provide insight into the symptoms following a traumatic event. Part 1 asks respondants to indicate which event was their worst experience, and to answer questions about the nature of that experience. (If the event involves school, they can provide more detailed information by completing a supplementary form, the School Trauma and Alienation Survey.) Part 2 asks respondants to indicate the frequency and duration of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that they may have experienced after the traumatic event.
Kit includes: 25 Answer Forms, Manual, and 100 School Alienation and Trauma Survey Forms
RANGE: 9-18 years
TIME: 20-30 minutes LEVEL: B

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Kit 19473 $ 239.95
Autoscore Answer Form pkg/25 19475 $ 104.95
Manual 19476 $ 94.95
School Alienation/Trauma Survey pkg/100 19478 $ 49.95
Windows Scoring Disk (25 uses) 19480 $ 509.95
Computer Scoring Answer Sheets pkg/25 19481 $ 30.95

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Foa, Edna, Ph.D.

~ uses 49 items to assess the presence and symptom severity of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This test parallels DSM-IV criteria for a PTSD diagnosis and may re-administered to monitor progress.
Kit includes: manual, 1 test booklet, 10 answer sheets, 10 scoring worksheets, and 1 scoring sheet
RANGE: 17 - 65 years
TIME: 10 minutes LEVEL: B

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Manual 15819 $ 99.95
50 Answer sheets & 50 Worksheets 15820 $ 419.95
Kit 17663 $ 174.95
Test Booklets pgk/5 22488 $ 47.95

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Davidson, Jonathan

~ is based on the Davidson Trauma Scale and uses a 4-item questionnaire to screen for critical indicators of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Clients are asked to refer to a particular traumatic event, or series of events and designate symptom severity within the past week using a 5-point rating scale. A total score is used to indicate which patients could be referred for more comprehensive screening and follow-up, including DTS administration.
DTS/SPAN kit includes: Manual, 25 Quickscore Forms, and 100 SPAN Forms
SPAN kit includes: Manual and 100 SPAN Forms
RANGE: 18+ years
TIME: 10 minutes

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DTS/SPAN Complete Kit 20074 $ 184.95
SPAN Complete Kit 20075 $ 144.95
SPAN Forms pkg/100 20076 $ 79.95

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Pearlman. Laurie Anne

~ (2006) was previously known as the Traumatic Stress Institute, (TSI) Belief Scale. This 84-item, self-report instrument assesses the long-lasting psychological impact of traumatic life events. TABS helps clinicians select the most effective therapeutic approach for individual trauma survivors as well as important themes that characterize the client's relationships. Assesses 5 areas sensitive to the effects of trauma: Safety, Trust, Esteem, Intimacy, Control. These areas are assessed in terms of beliefs about self and others that are commonly affected by traumatic experience.

For each of these dimensions, the TABS produces 10 scale scores reflecting “beliefs about self” and “beliefs about others.” A Total Score is also provided.

The client rates each item on a 6-point scale. Adult norms are based on a heterogeneous sample of 1,743 individuals ages 18 and older. Youth norms are derived from a sample of 1,242 students, 9 to 18 years of age, from public schools throughout the United States. Thery are separated by age (9 to 13 years and 14 to 18 years). Test items require only a third-grade reading level.

Use the TABS to examine relationship disruptions

Because the effects of trauma are so pervasive—often involving defenses, coping styles, view of self and others, ego resources, psychological needs, world view, and identity—the TABS has a wide range of clinical applications. It can be used even when a client does not meet the diagnostic criteria for PTSD since it addresses issues that frequently come up in therapy for other problems. Items do not focus on trauma-related symptoms per se, but rather on an individual’s relationship history. They do not stigmatize or pathologize, making the TABS helpful in any therapeutic endeavor that is focused on relationship disruptions.

Brief, easy to read, nonthreatening, and highly sensitive to the specific effects of traumatic experience, the TABS gives clinicians a valuable tool in assessing trauma survivors, clients with PTSD, individuals with vicarious traumatization, and those with other psychological problems.

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Kit 22786 $ 199.95
Manual 22787 $ 99.95
Adult Autoscore Test/Profile Forms pkg/25 22788 $ 79.95
Youth Autoscore Test/Profile Forms pkg/25 22789 $ 79.95

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Kubany, Edward S.

~ (2004) is a set of 3 related inventories for use in PTSD screening or treatment. The inventories are: (1) Traumatic Life Events Questionnaire (TLEQ), (2) PTSD Screening & Diagnostic Scale (PSDS), (3) Trauma Related Guilt Inventory (TRGI). Also, brief form called the Attitudes About Guilt Survey (AAG) is included as a reproducible worksheet.
Screening kits include a screening manual plus TLEQ and PSDS forms.
Treatment Kits include a treatment manual, plus TRGI and AAG forms
Compelte kit includes both a screening and treatment kit.
RANGE: 18 years +
ADMINISTRATION: Individual 10-15 minutes

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Complete Kit 22029 $ 359.95
PSDS Autoscore forms pkg/25 22030 $ 74.95
TLEQ forms pkg/25 22031 $ 54.95
Screening Kit 22032 $ 199.95
Treatment kit 22033 $ 164.95
TRGI Autoscore forms pkg/25 22034 $ 74.95
Disk for computer scoring 20 uses 22035 $ 124.95

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Briere, John

~ (1996) is a self-report measure of posttraumatic stress and related symptomatology in children. TSCC is a 54 item (Likert-type), inventory using 6 clinical scales: anxiety, depression, anger, PTS, dissociation, and sexual concerns. The TSCC-A is an alternate 44-item version identical to the TSCC except that it makes no reference to sexual issues and does not yield a Sexual Concerns Score.
The new Young children's edition (TSCYC, 2004) is a downward extension of TSCC which ustilizes caregiver-report to assess symptoms. TSCYC norms are divided into 3 age-groups (3-4, 5-9, 10-12 years).
TSCC Kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, 25 male and 25 female profiles
TSCC Software kit includes: manual, 25 booklets, 25 male & 25 female profiles and Scoring Software
TSCYC Kit includes Manual, booklets, answer sheets and a pkg./25 profile forms for each of the 3 assessable age-ranges.
RANGE: 8-16 years
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: 15-20 minutes LEVEL: B

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TSCC Kit 13868 $ 299.95
TSCC-A Kit 13869 $ 299.95
Professional Manual 13870 $ 94.95
TSCC booklets pkg/25 13871 $ 114.95
TSCC-A booklets pkg/25 13872 $ 114.95
TSCC Male profiles pkg/25 13873 $ 59.95
TSCC Female profiles pkg/25 13874 $ 59.95
TSCC Windows Scoring Program 13875 $ 609.95
TSCC Software Kit 13876 $ 779.95
TSCYC Software Kit 13877 $ 839.95
TSCYC - Young Children complete kit 22202 $ 349.95
TSCYC Manual 22203 $ 89.95
TSCYC Booklets pkg/25 22204 $ 54.95
TSCYC Answer Sheets pkg./25 22205 $ 74.95
TSCYC Profiles pkg./25 ages 3-4 22206 $ 54.95
TSCYC profiles pkg./25 ages 5-9 22207 $ 54.95
TSCYC-profiles pkg./25 ages 10-12 22208 $ 54.95
TSCYC Windows Scoring Program 23141 $ 559.95
TSCC/TSCYC Windows Scoring Kit 23142 $ 959.95

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Briere, John, Ph.D.

~ is a 100-item test designed to evaluate post traumatic stress, including rate, spouse assault, physical assault, combat, major accidents, natural disasters, and lasting memories of childhood abuse. Subscales include: Anxious Arousal, Dissociation, Depression, Sexual Concerns, Anger/Irritability, Dysfunctional Sexual Behavior, Intrusive Experiences, Impaired Self-Reference, Defensive Avoidance, and Tension Reduction Behavior. Three validity scales are included. The TSI-A is an alternate 86 item version that is identical to the TSI except it makes no reference to sexual issues and has no Sexual Concerns scale.
Kit includes: manual, 10 booklets, 25 answer sheets, and 25 male & female profiles.
RANGE: 18+ years

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TSI Introductory kit 11884 $ 399.95
TSI Manual 11885 $ 99.95
TSI Reusable item booklets pkg/10 11886 $ 84.95
TSI Handscore answer sheets pkg/25 11887 $ 104.95
TSI Male profiles pkg/25 11888 $ 74.95
TSI Female profiles pkg/25 11889 $ 74.95
TSI Kit & Software Scoring/Windows 13223 $ 1019.20
TSI Software scoring system for Windows - CD 13866 $ 609.95
TSI-A Indroductory kit 18837 $ 399.95
TSI-A reusable item booklets pkg/10 18838 $ 84.95
TSI-A hand-scorable answer sheets pkg/25 18839 $ 104.95
TSI-A male profiles pkg/25 18840 $ 74.95
TSI-A females profiles pkg/25 18841 $ 74.95
TSI/TSCC Combination Kit 23117 $ 669.95

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Mira, Mary, Bonnie Tucker, and Janet Tyler

~ (1999) is designed to promote a successful return to school after a head injury. It provides a description of the problems, explains the underlying causes, and ways to manage them.

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Text: 149 pages, paperback 9675 $ 64.95

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