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Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & Functional Capacity

Aston Postural Assessment Workbook

Aston, Judith

~ (2006) subtitled: Skills for Observing and Evaluating Body Patterns. Aston offers innovative techniques for observing and evaluating posture in adult clients with orthopedic conditions and other alignment or pain syndromes. This interactive training manual includes theory, practice exercises, self-tests, and more than 200 illustrations. Aston presents a step-by-step method of viewing body alignment, relating alignment to three-dimensional shapes, and understanding the body's compensations that result from misalignment. This text teaches rehabilitation professionals how to observe musculoskeletal function in relationship to the entire body. This holistic method assists therapists in the treatment of the primary causes contributing to the client's disorder, rather than the symptoms.

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Bressler, Elizabeth J. and Sharon M. Holloran

~ (2007) is an easy-print workbook resource designed for those who have experienced head trauma secondary to motor vehicle accidents, cerebral vascular incidents, tumors or cerebral dysfunction and who possess functional language skills yet are unable to use the skills in an organized, sequential, or pragmatic manner. Over 4,200 stimuli and a reproducible information sheet are included. Contents: Reality Orientation, Attention, Simple Relationships and Associations, Simple Problem Solving, Abstract Reasoning, Functional Problem Solving, Independent Information Management, Pragmatics in Action, Mathematical Reasoning, Functional Activities,
RANGE: adolescents and adults LEVEL: A

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274 pp. (softcover) 3668 $ 149.95

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Stav. Wendy B

~ (2006) discusses evaluating the effects of aging and health status on driving performance. An overview is provided of driver rehabilitation programs and assessments used to evaluate a client's ability to drive. Also included is a thorough description of the intervention process, adaptive equipment and specific information on starting a driver rehabilitation program. Appendices provide some reproducible questionnaires and forms.

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Text: 96 pp spiral bound 22713 $ 104.95

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Dynamic Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment for Children (DOTCA)

Katz, Noomi & Shula Parush

~ is a multidimensional battery for assessing cognitive ability and learning potential for children with special needs. 22 sub-tests measure 5 cognitive domains: (1) Orientation, (2) Spatial Perception, (3) Praxis, (4) Visuomotor Construction and (5) Thinking Operations. For each sub-test there is an option of a structured 5-step mediation. Measures of short-term memory and time of performance are included in the visuomotor organization domain.
Data for typical children ages 6-12 years, groups of children with learning disabilities and brain injury was collected to establish the standardization, as well as reliability and validity statistics.
ADMINISTRATION: Individual 1½ hours.
RANGE: 6-12 years LEVEL: B

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Kit 22879 $ 1195.74

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Edgar, Karsten, et al

~ (2006) is a sensory-based program for recognizing and improving communication in people of all ages who are perceived as being unable to communicate. The Sensory Response Assessment identifies sensory activities a client enjoys and how that enjoyment is communicated. The client's natural response becomes a means to request these preferred activities. Efforts are then made to build upon this basic response so that it becomes the foundation of a functional communication system. Every Move Counts includes everything you need: assessments, intervention strategies, activities, and record keeping forms.
10 minute VHS video and 162 pp manual.

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Manual 22715 $ 129.95

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Johnson Levine, Kristine

~ (2006) assists therapists, special educators, teachers, and parents in managing fine motor dysfunction in the classroom. Reproducible handouts are organized into 15 areas of dysfunction that commonly result in referral to a school-based occupational therapist. Each component area includes a brief discussion of the dysfunctional component, activities to improve performance, and strategies for bypassing the weak area. This comprehensive reference facilitates targeted treatment of specific areas of dysfunction.
The text comes in 2 formats: CD-ROM, or 593 pp. loose-leaf binder.
All 593 pages, along with a user's manual, are included on the CD-ROM.
ISBN 1-4164-0285-3

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TEST: 593 pp 3 ring Binder 22717 $ 189.95
CD-ROM 22718 $ 259.95

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Rubin, Stanford E. and Richard T. Roessler

~ (2000) is an introductory text to the rehabilitative process. It provides a basic overview of the historical, philosophical, and theoretical foundations of rehabilitation practice.

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Text: 572 pages, hardcover 3871 $ 94.95

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~ (1984) is a listing of 165 behavior and descriptive statements regarding an evaluee's physical functioning such as strength, vision, hearing, movement, and various daily activities. This checklist can be self-administered by clients who can read, or administered by the evaluator. FCC is not a standardized test. Items are evaluated individually.
RANGE: all ages

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Checklist pkg/50 7574 $ 34.95

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Stamer, Marcia H & Bierman, Judith C

~ (2006) is subtitled: A Process for the Physical Therapist. This handbook shows how to keep effective, concise records of initial evaluations. It includes reproducible forms for: daily progress notes, discharge summaries, team meeting notes, and reimbursement letters. The widely used S.O.A.P. method provides the basis for the record keeping model. Explanations and examples of what should and should not be included in each area of documentation, along with exercises for practicing correct documentation, are provided. Suggestions for applying S.O.A.P. methodology to documentation of clinical instruction and supervision are also included.

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Test: 116 pp softcover 22719 $ 104.95

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Raskind, Marshall & Brian Bryant

~ (2003) is a multidimensional, ecologically-based assessment that is used to determine appropriate and effective assistive technology recommendations for individuals with learning problems (e.g., learning disabilities, mentally challenged).
FEAT has five scales: (1) Contextual Matching Inventory - provides information about setting-specific demands, (2) Checklist of Strengths and Limitations - used to gather data regarding person-specific characteristics (3) Checklist of Technology Experiences - offers information about the person's past/current use of technology (4) Technology Characteristics Inventory - examines device-specific characteristics such as dependability, product support, etc. (5) Individual-Technology Evaluation Scale - used to determine whether the proposed assistive technology adaptation offers legitimate potential for compensatory effectiveness. A separate Summary and Recommendations Booklet summarizes the assessment and aids in subsequent progress monitoring.
Kit: Manual; 25 Contextual Matching Inventory ; 25 Checklist of Strengths and Limitations; 25 Checklist of Technology Experiences; 25 Technology Characteristics Inventory; 25 Individual-Technology Match ; 25 Summary/Recommendation Booklets.


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kit 22891 $ 249.95
Strengths & Limitations Forms pk/25 22892 $ 30.95
Checklist of Technology Experiences (25) 22893 $ 30.95
Contextual Matching Inventory (25) 22894 $ 30.95
Examiner's Manual 22895 $ 104.95
Summary/Recommendations Booklets (25) 22896 $ 45.95
Technology Characteristics Inventory (25) 22897 $ 21.95

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Jebsen et al

~ This fine motor measure of manual dexterity consists of seven parts. The battery assesses a broad range of hand functions used every day.
Kit: includes manual and all test items.

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Hand function test kit 13115 $ 879.95

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Knight, Janice M & Decker,Mary Jo

~ (2006) is a manual of activities to promote fine-motor development. Whether cutting, coloring, or writing, the activities all help to refine motor coordination in young children. Activities are grouped into three complete courses; a pre-writing program, a beginning-writing program, and a formal writing program. These programs are designed to be administered by teaching assistants or parent volunteers. The manual includes a discussion of pre-writing development. Reproducible worksheets and forms include Sensory-motor activities, skill practice, parent letters, and assessments.

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313 pp 3 ring binder 22720 $ 159.95

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~ is a cognitive battery of tests for both primary assessment and ongoing evaluation in the occupational therapy treatment of brain-injured patients. It consist of 20 subtests divided in four areas: orientation, visual and spatial perception, visual motor organization, and thinking operations. The LOTCA - Geriatric is geared specifically towards evaluating and treating geriatric clients.
Kit includes all testing materials
RANGE: 6-12 years; Geriatric older adults
ADMINISTRATION: Individual , 30-45 minutes.


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Kit 8296 $ 409.95
Geriatric Kit 21850 $ 399.95

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Partners in GOALs

~ (2006) is a resource for professionals to help quickly and systematically complete required paperwork for a preschool to high school caseload. This manual will help you to incorporate measurable therapy goals and objectives into your treatment plans and IEPs. Select from 11 long-term goals, 55 general objective areas, and 648 specific objective tasks that measure client success. Twenty lists of qualifiers provide endless combinations of tasks and challenges.

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Book: 185 pp spiral bound 22766 $ 144.95

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Brown, E.J. & J. Sorenson

~ (2007) discusses home-based intervention with young children. The authors discuss incorporating occupational therapy into multidiscipline early intervention teams. This book was written especially to provide practical information for the practicing paediatric OT. Contents include: family-centred care, identifying markers in prenatal factors, issues concerning the family and home environments, developmental milestones, evaluating delayed development, choosing and using treatment options, educating parents, planning for a realistic future, discharging, research in early intervention, and continuing education in early intervention.
RANGE: 0-3 years

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text: 90 pp. softcover 22765 $ 114.95

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Martin, Sieglinde

~ (2006) is a manual showing how to help children achieve early independence through balance training. This program offers unassisted, guarded activities to help your clients establish the foundation for independent functional activities. Exercises are included for balance in sitting, four-point, kneeling, standing, squatting, and during transitions to and from standing. Each set of reproducible exercises has a common theme, and includes illustrations and directions for positioning and preparation.
RANGE: ages 1-18 years

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Text: 228 pp softcover 22739 $ 109.95

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Hogan, Laura, Uditsky, Tracy

~ (2006) Pediatric Splinting explains how to adapt or create upper extremity splints for children. The manual offers illustrations, photographs, and step-by-step instruction for fabricating splints for children who need splints for protection, support, or correction. Reproducible patterns are included, along with wearing schedules and tips for encouraging children to wear splints. Chapters include: Principles In Pediatric Splinting Materials, Practical Tips for Fabrication and Wear, and Splint Patterns and Fabrication Directions.
RANGE: ages 1-18 years
Pediatric splinting: Selection, Fabrication, and Clinical Application of Upper Extremity Splints ... provides illustrations, photographs, and step-by-step instructions to learn how to adapt or fabricate splints for children.
RANGE: children aged 1-8 years.

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Text:Pediatric Splinting 22736 $ 109.95

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Stern, Linda

~ (2006) These playful activities help strengthen muscles in your pediatric clients who have had selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery, myelomeningocele, Guillain-Barre, spinal cord injury, or orthopedic surgery. More than 100 reproducible sheets provide an easy, time-efficient way to customize a home program that meets the needs of individual patients. Included are creative exercises for lower extremity strengthening, trunk strengthening, upper extremity strengthening, pre-gait activities, and lower extremity stretching. Activities include easy-to-follow instructions and practical illustrations.

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Text with Reproducible Exercises 22741 $ 134.95

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Conrad, Karen & Elizabeth Murray

~ is used as a treatment tool for upper extremity and visual perceptual skills. The program consists of two 100 hole pegboards, 100 multicolored pegs, a water-soluble ink pen, reproducible pegboard designs and a complete manual. Peg boards are 6 x 6 x 11 1/25¨ thick (15.2 x 15.2 x 1.1 cm) with a channel around three sides to hold pegs.


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kit 22877 $ 59.95

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Diamant, Rachel B

~ (2006) Positioning for Play: Home Activities for Parents and Young Children
Help teach parents ways to hold and play with their children while providing opportunities for motor skill development. This collection of more than 70 reproducible activity sheets is appropriate for use with children birth to 3 years old who have developmental delays or who are at risk. Activities are grouped according to ten developmental positions. Easy-to-follow instructions and play ideas promotes integration of activities into a family's daily routine.

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Book 213 pp spiral bound 22744 $ 119.95

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Hornbrrok Stame, Marcia

~ (2006) This book provides clinicians with the detailed information needed to evaluate and treat children with cerebral palsy. It is organized by categories that classify cerebral palsy based on particular pathophysiologies. Each chapter addresses a different aspect of cerebral palsy by outlining the common impairments, and then offers appropriate posture and movement techniques and general treatment strategies. Includes many helpful illustrations of posture and positioning.

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Book: 252 pp softcover 22743 $ 89.95

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Kinnealy, M Weiss, D & Morgan M

~ (2006) Easily review clinical synopses and decisions, contextual considerations, and case studies in this extensive guidebook essential for occupational therapy practice. The book also provides additional resources for numerous developmental, behavioral, and neurological disorders. The text...
o encourages efficiency in gathering and analyzing data
o encourages development of intervention that is grounded in theory and also related to client experience
o aids in developing client-centered, activity-based treatment programs
o contains information on an array of diagnostic categories frequently seen by occupational therapists
o addresses clinical and social challenges currently facing occupational therapists

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Text: 332 pp softcover 22745 $ 144.95

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Klein, Marsha Dunn

~ (2006) provides a background in the normal developmental sequence of dressing and undressing skills and offers suggestions in teaching approaches and techniques that can simplify the teaching process. This text offers teaching strategies, standard and adapted dressing techniques, suggestions of adaptive equipment and devices, and classroom teaching games. Checklists and forms are provided.

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Text: 152 pp softcover 22746 $ 84.95

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Morris, Suzanne Evans & Dunn, Marsha Klein

~ (2006) is a completely updated and referenced edition. The text is written for pediatric feeding specialists working with clients from birth to adolescence. The 2nd ed. contains 11 new chapters with information about mealtime roles and influences, supportive diagnostic testing, gastrointestinal influences on feeding, autism, sensory influences on feeding, children who do not eat enough to grow, foundations for mealtime, and oral-motor skills limitations.

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Book: 798 pp softcover 22747 $ 149.95

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Achneider, Joell, Passanisi, Joan C

~ (2006) is a set of reproducible illustrated directions detailing Progressive Individualized Exercises for regaining strength. The manual includes a complete collection of reproducible exercise sheets, divided by major body area. The exercises can be used with adolescent and adult clients with orthopedic and neurological involvement who need to regain strength and range of motion. Illustrations depict 433 exercises in passive, active assistive, active resistive, isometric, and stretching stages. Categories include facial, upper extremities, lower extremities, neck, and trunk (including breathing).
443 reproducible pages in a 3-ring binder with tabbed dividers

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Book 440pp 3 ring binder 22751 $ 109.95

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Smith, Barabara

~ (2006) is fully entitiled: The Recycling Occupational Therapist: Hundreds of Simple Therapy Materials You Can Make. This resource shows how O.T. materials can be created from common household items. Make the items yourself, or include your clients in the creative process. Use the recycled therapy materials to assist clients of all ages with the fine motor activities, gross motor skills, and sensory activities described in the text. The authors also discuss considerations for selecting appropriate activities and adapting activities for clients with sensory and motor impairments.

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Book: 168 pp softcover 22754 $ 104.95

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Salmon, Douglas Jr. Ph.D.

~ (1999) is a 50 item self-report used to determine the needs of clients recovering from injuries and illnesses. Scales include: physical, cognitive, emotional, psychosocial, employability, and job.
RANGE: all ages
ADMINISTRATION: Individual or Group
TIME: untimed LEVEL: B

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Manual 18021 $ 109.95
Quickscore form pkg/25 18022 $ 114.95

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Rheiner, Neil

~ provides an objective measure of compliance in long term care. Four factors are derived: Self-destructive behavior, Self-directing behavior, Information Seeking behavior, and Contradictory behavior. The questionnaire indicates which patients are less compliant and indicates the nature of the compliance problems.
RANGE: long-term care patients

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Specimen Set 13507 $ 69.95
Permission to reproduce up to 150 copies 13508 $ 279.95

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Sales, Amos

~ (2007) integrates concepts from career development, psychology of empowerment, and rehabilitation counseling. The author urges counselors to view the client as the expert on both his/her abilities and disabilities. He advocates allowing the client to identify goals for counseling. This approach efficiently focuses on relevant goals, while promoting independence and the confidence needed for self-advocacy. LEVEL: A

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Text: (297 pp. softcover) 22873 $ 74.95

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Salmon, Douglas J., & Celinski, Marek

~ is a symptom survey in which the client rates a broad range of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms in terms of problem intensity and the degree to which satisfactory coping has been achieved. When used with Rehabilitation Checklist (RCL) listed separately, these instruments can help determine both the need for treatment initiation or continuation with respect to any of the presented symptoms, and also identifies the likely risk of psychopathology.
Kit includes: manual & 25 forms
RANGE: 18+ years
TIME: 10 minutes LEVEL: B

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Complete Kit 20219 $ 174.95
Technical Manual 20220 $ 139.95
Quickscore Forms pkg/25 20221 $ 79.95

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~ measures hand, arm and finger dexterity and speed by using sorting, and assembling skills. This test is useful in measuring impairment of mobility or degree of recovery of mobility in physiotherapy.
Kit includes: board & pins, manual, norms, and 25 record forms
RANGE: all ages

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Kit 14782 $ 519.95
Record forms pkg/50 14783 $ 27.95

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~ This non-normed measure provides information about client performance on a range of gross-motor and fine motor tasks.
RANGE: ambulatory persons aged 5 years-adult.

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Manual 13149 $ 79.95
Test forms & profiles pkg./30 13150 $ 104.95
test forms & profiles pkg./100 13151 $ 619.95

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Sheda, Clarence & Patricia Ralston

~ (2006) offers over 150 activities useful for occupational or physical therapists working with school-aged children with sensory processing or sensorimotor difficulties. The activities are organized by systems (i.e. specific sensorimotor areas), seasonal theme, and developmental approach (7 basic positions).

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Book: 224 pp spiral bound 22757 $ 104.95

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Bissell, Julie , et al

~ (2006) Children come to school with a variety of strengths and limitations. The Sensory Motor Handbook is a great resource for occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, teachers and parents. Use activities that can be complete in the classroom or at home. The handbook also provides a troubleshooting section that provides ideas for classroom modification for individual students.

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Handbook: 220 pp softcover 22758 $ 104.95

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~ This set measures the threshold for cutaneous perception using different thicknesses of filament, as a screen for sensory-neural impairment.

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Test set (5 monofilaments) 13155 $ 429.95

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Sensory Processing Measure (SPM)

Kuhanek et al

~ (2007) offers three forms (Classroom, School Environment & Home form). The multi-rater format provides comprehensive evaluation of children's sensory functioning at home, at school, and socially. The set of three integrated rating scales assesses sensory processing, praxis, and social participation in elementary school children. Using more than one rating form helps in evaluating situation where a child may function well in a highly structured classroom but may have problems in a more relaxed the school-social environment or in a more relaxed setting at home. Seven subscales and one composite total-scale score are provided: (1) Social Participation, (2) Vision, (3) Hearing, (4) Touch, (5) Body Awareness (proprioception), (6) Balance and Motion (vestibular function), (7) Planning and Ideas (praxis), (8) Total Sensory Systems
Comprehensive kit includes: Manual, 25 Main Classroom forms, CD-ROM for unlimited printing of the 6 different school environments forms, and Home version forms.
ADMINISTRATION: 75-item Rating form completed by adults familiar with the child, 15-20 minutes.


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Comprehensive kit (all forms) 23359 $ 279.95
School forms kit 23360 $ 219.95
Home form kit 23361 $ 174.95
Home Autoscore forms pkg./25 23362 $ 74.95
Main Classroom Autoscore forms pkg./25 23363 $ 74.95
School Environments CD-Rom (unlimited printi 23364 $ 54.95

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Dikengil, Angela

~ provides a sensory stimulation and basic cognitive rehabilitation program. More than 90 sensory activities including auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory and tactile stimuli are described in the accompanying manual. The client's responses to these stimulation activities may be used by the clinician as a foundation for cognitive gains that can be made by implementing the cognitive activities that are presented in the manual.
Materials to be used by one person only are packed in personal patient cases that can be reordered as needed. Four personal cases are included with the kit.


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Kit 22880 $ 509.95
Personal items kit (each) 22881 $ 22.95

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Technology and Exceptional Individuals 4th ed.

Lindsey, Jimmy D.

~ (2008) details the use of technology in inclusive and categorical settings. The text is written for a wide audience and may be used as a reference for professionals, students or family members. Contents include: (1) Hardware and Software Foundations
(2) Exceptionality Foundations: Individuals, Legislation, Assistive technology, and Access to Technology (3) The Technology Program, Productivity, and Technological Enhancement Concepts (4) Exceptional Individuals and Technologies Used in Inclusive and Categorical Settings (5) Evaluation of Technological Programs and Research Concepts.

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Text 693 pp. softcover 23050 $ 94.95

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Toglia, Joan

~ examines the ability of adults with brain injury or psychiatric illness to establish categories and switch conceptual sets.
The assessment uses plastic utensils that can be sorted according to size, color and utensil type. A section in the comprehensive manual discusses qualitative aspects of performance dynamic/interactional assessment. Guidelines for facilitating performance through the use of cues are provided. The extent to which performance can be modified with cues provides information that can be used when designing interventions or in predicting success of an intervention program.
The test is portable and can be administered at bedside. Published studies are available from the author on request.
RANGE: 18-86 years

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Kit 22878 $ 159.95

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Thut, Catherine fo Baylor Institute for Rehab

~ (2006) includes reproducible outlines and illustrations to help provide comprehensive and consistent training for physical therapy aides.The materials present a basic anatomy background, therapeutic exercise principles, transfer techniques, ambulation and gait training modalities, and vital signs. A general orientation module describes the job of physical therapy aide. Also includes a module on diagnostic-specific training.

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Book: 164 pp spiral-bound 22762 $ 109.95

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