Pre-Employment Testing Programs

Testing Programs

Should I Design My Own Testing Program?

Designing a testing program (for example a pre-employment screening program), can be an interesting task. Some basic information about testing and a great deal of information about your specific assessment needs is required. If you have this knowledge, then you may be the best person to develop your own testing program.

We may be able to help:

If you need extensive help establishing a testing program, or if you wish us to operate some part of your program, then our consulting services are available for an hourly fee. Alternatively, we can refer you to a psychologist or other professional who will be able to assist you.

What services do we offer?

A source of commercially published standardized tests

We offer a one-stop source from which to purchase the testing materials of over one hundred different publishers. Our remuneration comes from the sale of tests. There is no charge for telephone/fax/email consultation about tests.

Test consultation via phone/fax/email

As with other technical publications (like computer software), often purchasers face many competing products that will do the same job. Some are better than others, some are adequate but much more expensive than competing products of roughly the same quality. A knowledgable test consultant can make the job, of deciding which tests to use, manageable.

We consult with many professionals as to which tests may be appropriate for their use. Our test consultants are familiar with most of the titles which we list in our catalog. If you want to know about a current test which is in general use, it is likely that the test consultant will be able to help immediately from his/her own knowledge. In addition, test consultants have directg access to most sources of reference information which are available at University libraries.

Testing program development

Businesses that want a professionally developed testing program, for pre-employment evaluation or for any other purpose, can obtain more in depth advice by hiring a consultant from our firm or by asking us for a referral to another qualified professional.

A test consultant can be expected to visit your site and devise an assessment system for program evaluation, employee evaluation, pre-employment selection, etc. Evaluation systems developed by our consultants will include...

Typically, fees for test development are billed at an hourly rate of $125/hour or $900/day (Canadian dollars), plus expenses.

If, due to time constraints, we cannot help as immediately as you would like, we will refer you to a professional association that may have an experienced member practicing in your region.

What we do not offer.