How Do I Get a Copy of a Test For Evaluation or To Use In My Research?

How Do I Get a Copy of a Test For Evaluation or To Use In My Research?

You may be able to find some information that will help in evaluating a test in a book in your university library. For evaluating the test itself, you will need to obtain a copy of the manual, the test form, and the scoring/interpreting method. Most schools wish students to append an actual copy of test-forms that are proposed to be used in a reasearch proposal. Test publishers as a group have decided not to offer free copies for evaulation purposes. Moreover, if you buy an evaluation copy of a test, you are expected to treat the evaluation copy you purchase in accordance with the proper procedures for handling tests. People who are new to testing sometimes have a problem with the expected standard of behavior for test users. However, if you view these standards from the perspective of the test publisher and the other users of the test, the standards make sense.

Many test publishers allow for the purchase of a single copy of a test and/or manual for evaluation. If this is the case, you will not have to buy a package of 20 or more copies of a test just to look it over. Whenever you see an item entitled examination kit or specimen set it will usually contain a sample copy of the printed test forms and a manual (though often such sets do not include a scoring key). Sometimes it will be possible to purchase a test manual which has a copy of the test reproduced in an appendix. This at least will allow you to determine if you want to go to the expense of purchasing all the materials necessary for multiple administrations.

Specimen sets are sold for evaluation purposes. Once you have received them, you may not return them for a refund.

The test publishing industry does not function as a library system. Nor does it support the gratis promotional system common in text-book publishing. Free copies of tests are almost never given out for promotional purposes.

Most publishers will not reduce the rate at which copyrighted test materials are sold to researchers. If a special edition of a test needs to be printed, such arrangements can only be negotiated directly with the publisher. Typically rights to reproduce tests are not granted at all, or if they are granted require the purchaser to pay all costs of printing up their own copies, plus 60% or more of the regular edition selling price (as a royalty).

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