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About this site:

psychtest.com is the publishing division of M.D. Angus & Associates Ltd. We publish the online edition of the Testing Materials Resource Book. We also publish tests and other psychological publications. The catalog section of this site is a comprehensive listing of commercially published standardized tests and related assessment materials.

Our mission is to be a one-stop source of standardized tests for Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Teachers and Counsellors. The catalog of tests lists over 1,500 currently published tests. It also lists many intervention resources and current texts on assessment and therapy.

If you would like us to ammend or correct one of the catalogue descriptions, or if you would like us to add a publication to our database, please email the information to us. You can email us by clicking on the mdangus@psychtest.com link which appears on our pages.

A print edition of the Testing Materials Resource Book is produced and distributed to every school and every practicing psychologist in Canada. The online catalog is a superset of the materials listed in the printed catalogue. The online catalog is always more up to date, because the print edition goes out of date even as it is being printed for distribution. International users should use the electronic version of the catalog, as the print edition is distributed only in Canada. The Catalog is accessible from the sidebar frame of our main web-page, or by clicking on the psychtest logo on the web-site main page.

Tests are arranged in chapters according to the test's most frequent use. The table of contents lists the areas of use. After clicking on a content area, your browser goes to a short-listing of titles in that particular area. From there, you an click on any title get a description of the test and list of published parts.

Browsing through the chapter file of resources which may be used in your field of expertise is something we recommend for any professional who uses tests. It is a good idea to know what materials are available to you -- even if you will not be using them.

Sometimes the catalog will list many resources which do roughly the same sort of job. This is a good thing for the discipline, but it can frustrate a user who is under time pressure, but who wants to find a good test for a specific purpose. We encourage any user to email us for a test recommendation.

Please let us know what you think of our site. Email us your ideas.

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